Disneyland vs. Disney World (Is One “Better” than the Other?)

As someone who’s been to Disney World no less than 17 times, going to Disneyland the first time made me realize it was a completely different animal – still, I learned some tips & tricks to make this beauty & the beast less intimidating.

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Day Trip Mania Stop 1: Verona

After a long semester of not really going anywhere, I finally got the chance to go on a few day trips – three (Verona, Florence, & Genoa) in four days, to be exact! Read more of the first part of this three-part “series” to find out where I went in the first stop of fair Verona, where we lay our scene, as well as a few tips on getting around and what to see when you’re crunched for time!Read More »

Living In Italy: A Drugstore Makeup Guide

I’m glad to report that I’ve found drugstore brands that we know and love in the US here in Italy, perhaps in what might be considered some “unconventional” places by American standards.  Read more to find out where to go and what brands you’ll find there if you want to save some $$$ (or €€€)!

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Sephora: USA vs. Italy

In this post, I return from my 2-month sabbatical to talk about the VERY IMPORTANT differences I’ve noticed between shopping at Sephora in the US and shopping at Sephora in Italy!Read More »

Life in Italy: A 2016 Reflection

It’s the new year, and apparently the ~trendy~ thing to do is either go on a diet or reflect on the past year.  Since we both know that Hell could literally freeze over and thaw and freeze over and thaw and freeze over and thaw (times infinity) again before I go on any kind of diet, I’m going to opt for the reflecting thing.Read More »

Things I Learned In: Piacenza, Italy (Part 2)

I’ve been in Piacenza for a little over a month now, and I’d give anything for a line.  No, not drugs.  Read more to find out what I mean in Part 2 of what I’ve learned so far in Italy!

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Bobbio: Walking The Devil’s Bridge

In which I go to Bobbio and walk The Devil’s Bridge like the true queen I am.  And eat a lot of food.

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