*Affordable* Skincare Favorites of the Moment (Found on Amazon!)

Amazon has some hidden gems in terms of skincare – here are a few products I lugged overseas that were #worthitRead More »


Summer Skincare Tips

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote any posts about skincare, and when I say hot, I mean hot – aka it’s been over 85°F and super humid, which is a combo that both my hair and skin do not enjoy.  Read more to see how I keep my skin happy and healthy in these hot summer months!
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Beauty MO: Rose

So I definitely have a type.  And I’m not talking about in men – although I definitely do have a type there, too.  I’m talking about a beauty type, or a Beauty MO, aka I have a habit of buying the same things. Read more to find out what rose-scented things I’m addicted to buying!

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