Introducing: The Weekly Brush Up – 8/25

Hey folks!

So I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a weekly newsletter-type deal that I’m calling The Weekly Brush Up (get it, brush, like… makeup brush? *wink wink*) that will be out every Saturday morning outlining some of the latest in beauty, including new product/brand launches, any drama that might be going on amongst influencers, and a fun little beauty horoscope.

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I’m trying to get the email template itself slated out to start next Saturday, but in the meantime, here’s a preview of the content & the layout!


The Brush Up

ColourPop’s cool younger sister just made herself known.

Who is She?

Skincare brand Fourth Ray Beauty, which launched on August 23, is a sister company to cosmetics darling ColourPop.  The name of her game is ~zen~ and “striving to create harmony from conflict, allowing true beauty to emerge.”  Not only will your wallet thank you since these products have been deemed relatively affordable, but they’re also certified cruelty-free and vegan. Plus each product contains a “custom crystal blend designed to help balance your energy while perfecting your skin” and we all know that crystals rock.  (pun intended)

Tell Me More

The collection includes cleansing oils, gel cleansers, toners, and other bits and bobs priced from $6 to $22 with the ability to buy the full she-bang for $54.  The site also offers a nifty little ingredients glossary to tell you exactly what the brand puts in their products, including jojoba, witch hazel, and lotus.  Ray the Fourth be with you.

Meet the Parent(s)

Seed Beauty is the encouraging parent behind it all.  In addition to having ColourPop and now Fourth Ray Beauty under its helm, it also drives ship for Kylie Cosmetics.  Talk about one big happy family.


Flavor of the Week

Full-coverage queen NikkieTutorials has apparently discovered the coolest thing since sliced bread the BeautyBlender… yet another makeup blending sponge.

What’s the Big Deal?

This little sponge apparently provides ridiculously full coverage, according to Ms. Tutorials.  It’s cute, it’s blue, and it’s fuzzy as it’s described as being “microfiber velvet.”  It’s also $6 and comes with free shipping, so brb while I go try it out.

How Hot is It?

Since posting her original video two weeks ago, the sponge also makes a comeback appearance in Nikkie’s most recent tutorial on the cloud eye makeup trend.  KathleenLights has also put down her 2¢ on her sponge this week.

In all reality, this sponge apparently isn’t all that new as searching “microfiber sponge” on YouTube displays some reviews from as far back as 9 months.  It sounds like this tea was brewed, cooled, and put into a microwave – we’ll see how hot it really stays.


“Celebrity” Family Feud

Jeffree Star is in another feud.  Surprise, surprise.

Who Else is Involved?

The most recent drama also includes other YouTubers Laura Lee, Gabriel Zamora, Nikita Dragun, and and Manny Mua.  Apparently the whole thing kicked off after Gabriel tweeted a not-so-nice pic of all those aforementioned involved (excluding Jeffree), which Jeffree’s fans def noticed, laying down some gasoline.  Throw in a lit match in the form of Gabriel’s follow-up tweet, and we have one big dumpster fire.

Did You Keep the Receipts?

Even though it seems like Gabriel kind of started the whole thing, Laura Lee has been the one under the most scrutiny after her own racist tweets resurfaced.  LL has released apologies on Twitter and YouTube, to which most of Reddit responded with a resounding unimpressed “hmm… 🤔” and on which even prompted an article on Mashable on the “art” of the YouTube apology and where she went wrong.

Since all this went down, LL has been steadily losing subscribers and has been dropped from basically all of her business sponsorships, including Ulta and Morphe.  As one Reddit user brings up, this whole situation begs the question: are all of these BGs problematic behind closed doors?


It’s ♍️Virgo Season♍️ (August 23 – September 22)

According to, Virgos can expect the following for August 25:

AUG 25, 2018: Thinking before you buy saves you a lot of grief (and trips to customer service). If you have any doubts, put the item down and say you’ll come back later. If you remember it a day or two later, maybe you should get it.

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