5 Other Uses for Silicone Makeup Applicators (Besides Foundation)

Since the launch of the “Silisponge,” silicone makeup applicators have been all over the internet since last year.  Here are five uses for these applicators OTHER THAN foundation application for those who bought into the hype only to discover that this product might not actually work as well as originally intended…Read More »

Makeup Hype: Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

The freshly-launched Subculture Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills has been getting a lot of attention these past few days… perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

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REAL “No Makeup” Makeup Tips (Drugstore!)

Still trendy, “No Makeup” makeup isn’t always what its name implies – often, beauty gurus somehow use multiple high-end products to give the illusion of not wearing makeup.  However; whether you want to save time or are just plain lazy, no makeup makeup doesn’t always have to be expensive OR over-the-top.

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June Favorites (All Drugstore!)

I’ve never done a monthly favorites post before, which seems criminal, so here it goes! Read more to see what I’ve been loving for the month of June!Read More »

First Impressions + Swatches: xoBeauty Lipsticks | Limerence & Laotong

Along with seeing my family and friends, I was also super excited to return to the US from Italy so I could finally try out xoBeauty’s new lipstick launch! Read more to see swatches and my first impressions on two shades – Limerence & Laotong!

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Product Review: Makeup Academy Liquid Lipstick | Magenta + Dupes

I’m just gonna start off by spoiling this review and stating this is probably the worst liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried.  If you enjoy bitterness and salt, keep reading to see why I would highly NOT recommend this to anybody and the dupe I would recommend instead!Read More »

Living In Italy: A Drugstore Makeup Guide

I’m glad to report that I’ve found drugstore brands that we know and love in the US here in Italy, perhaps in what might be considered some “unconventional” places by American standards.  Read more to find out where to go and what brands you’ll find there if you want to save some $$$ (or €€€)!

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