Makeup Resolutions for 2019 & 2018 Reflection

In which I reflect on the makeup resolutions I set in 2018 and set some new ones for 2019. Spoiler alert: they’re actually not new.

2019 makeup resolutions

Hey, remember me? The girl who said she was going to blog more regularly? Yeah, she’s also a liar, so there’s that.


I’m back after a bit of a hiatus a little bit into the year to ~reflect~ on my 2018 makeup resolutions, as well as talk about what my resolutions for 2019 are.  I’m going to just lay it all out on the table right now and say that in a super boring change of events, my makeup resolutions are the exact same as last year.

Why, you may be asking? I’ve realized that the resolutions I set last year weren’t necessary one-and-done’s, but something that I need to continue to be ongoing.  2018 was a crazy year – I graduated college, moved from Italy back to the US, and got a full-time job – and all during that, while I did my best to follow what I set for myself, I definitely had a few lapses and fell back into my old impulse-buy ways.  2019 is an opportunity to get back into the swing of things in terms of being good again, as well as to evolve even more.

me: I’m doing so well! I’ll never go back to my old ways! // me: *goes back to my old ways*

Before I begin, if you want a full run-down of my 2018 resolutions, you can check out that post here!

1.) Minimize Buying

How did I do in 2018?


One of the biggest things that kicked off these resolutions I set for myself in 2018 is my reading of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by decluttering queen Marie Kondo, who by the way also now has her own Netflix series! As I’ve said many times, I’m an impulse-buyer, so I’ve collected quite a bit of stuff.  Marie Kondo’s whole deal is to actually discard what doesn’t bring you joy and it took me awhile to realize that I always found more joy in the act of buying than in the thing I bought itself.

I did some research about the New Consumerism, which has been a trend in beauty of a shift towards “new priorities” brought about by consumers asking themselves what they truly value.  Evidence here lies in the plethora of minimalist makeup collections and general minimalistic behavior. I myself tried to declutter my makeup collection a bit and keep it to a reasonable amount of products by minimizing my buying in the first place.

What I’m focusing on in 2019:

In 2018, I did a pretty good job of this, all until I moved back to the US in July.  I think that it was easier to stop buying things after I got into the habit of turning the other way, but after my environment was completely changed again when I moved home, my good habit ended up breaking.  It was also easier to not buy as much in Italy where makeup releases came by so much slower and the availability was a lot less, but upon moving home, suddenly, all these new releases hit me all at once.  I definitely went a little buy-crazy, and I’m kind of back where I started again… #womp

The good news here is that I’ve done it once, so I can do it again.  I think part of my focus in 2019 is to do a better job of staying off of YouTube and Instagram since that’s where I end up seeing all these new releases and get lured into buying things.  Stay tuned as to if this actually works or not!

2.) Declutter

How did I do in 2018?


I was really proud of myself in 2018 when it came to decluttering things. I followed Marie Kondo’s 6 rules:

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle
  3. Finish discarding first
  4. Tidy by category: not location
  5. Follow the right order
  6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

I committed myself to declutter my Colourpop Super Shock Shadows, neutral eye palettes, and lipstick and when I was in Italy, I ended up being pretty minimalist, but again, that all changed when I came back home.  I should have told my parents to donate everything in my closet and in my makeup desk that I left at home when I was living in Italy because I obviously wasn’t using it, but now that I’m back at home I feel a bit overwhelmed by everything that I have to the point where it’s hard to discern what I use and what I don’t.

What I’m focusing on in 2019:

Again, like with my no-buy relapse, I’m back where I began.  While I didn’t buy any more of the Colourpop shadows, I definitely still bought more lipstick when I came home and rediscovered my love for neutral eyeshadow palettes that all look the same.

I think in 2019, instead of trying to do a complete no-buy, I’m going to start calling it a low-buy.  I also want to commit to getting rid of one old thing for every new thing I bring into my life.

I’ve already started doing that a bit with ThredUP and Poshmark, but unfortunately, it’s also easy to want to buy more when I’m on those apps as well.  TBD as to whether or not this ends up working out for me! (PS, in a shameless self-plug, if you sign up using the code “TRICKSANDTRUCCO” on Poshmark, we’ll both get $5, so there’s that!)

3.) Step Outside My Comfort Zone

How did I do in 2018?


In 2018 I wanted to get outside of my comfort zone in terms of not always doing the same neutral look and I actually kind of succeeded.  I tried out using more greens and purples, but never quite got to the blues.  However, I ended up starting my new job about a month after I got home, so I haven’t really been too adventurous with my makeup.

What I’m focusing on in 2019:

I’m much more adventurous with my lipstick than I am with my eyeshadow and feel more comfortable wearing a bright lip at work than funky eyeshadow.  I think I’ll keep my more “fun” eyeshadow looks to when I go out and I think I need to make more of an effort to go out rather than be such a homebody all the time in 2019.

Me @me

And there you have it! I’m pretty proud of how well I did in 2018, so it’s time to pick up where I left off and be good again in 2019.  I should really add “blog more regularly” as a solid resolution since I always say I’m going to and then never follow through, but baby steps!

What were your resolutions in 2018 and how did you do? What will you be doing more or less of in 2019?

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