The Weekly Brush Up – 8/31

Hey folks!

So I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a weekly newsletter-type deal that I’m calling The Weekly Brush Up (get it, brush, like… makeup brush? *wink wink*).  In my last post about this, I said that it would be out every Saturday morning, but now I’m thinking Friday morning might be better.  The whole gist is for it to outline some of the latest in beauty, including new product/brand launches, any drama that might be going on amongst influencers, and a fun little beauty horoscope.

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As another general update, I’ve actually started a new job, hence why I haven’t been posting as regularly #adulting – I’m going to try to get back into some more regular posting again, so stay tuned!


The Brush Up

Smile because it happened.  Say cya to the cult favorite Naked palette.

This is NOT a Drill

It’s actually happening!  The original Naked palette, which launched in 2010, is sadly being discontinued.  The brand accompanied the announcement on Instagram with a fitting song lyric.  #sad!

Where is the ‘Good’ in Goodbye?

The bright side is that this palette is now on sale for 50% off, slashing the price from $54 to $27.  In its 8-year run, around 30 million of these babies were sold, generating $1 billion and the line has expanded to include interations such as the Naked 2, Naked 3, Naked Smoky (RIP also), and Naked Heat.  Founding partner of the company, Wende Zomnir, has indicated that UD will continue to “thrive” in Naked’s memory.  From the ashes, a phoenix (or two) shall rise… but more on that later 😉


Order of the Phoenix

Since the announcement of the death of the OG Naked palette, it seems there are already some new palettes emerging

Sprung a Leak

At the beginning of the week, Twitter user Zadidoll posted a screenshot of trademark applications for the Naked AF, Naked Cherry, and Naked Honey palettes.  Flash forward to Tuesday when a supposed shot of the Naked Cherry appeared on trendmood1’s Instagram, and you have yourself a full-on release conspiracy.


According to Cosmo, yes.  Although there are no official details out yet, this palette is basically confirmed and will probably be priced at $54 like the other palettes that it will share a line with.


“Celebrity” Family Feud

According to Sanders Kennedy, Jaclyn Hill apparently dropped it like it’s hot.

Who Else is Involved?

‘It’ being beauty brand Makeup Geek (or ‘MUG’) and Marlena, its founder.

Did You Keep the Receipts?

According to this Reddit tl;dr, the down and dirty is that Jaclyn was in the process of collabing with MUG while also planning other collabs with Becca and Morphe with a release date around the same time as Manny’s, resulting in them pushing back Jaclyn’s palette release date.  While all this was going down, Jaclyn and her mom (who apparently is also her manager?) took forever to answer emails and basically ghosted MUG.  All this ended with Jaclyn cancelling the MUG collab in favor of her Becca collab after they had already made 100k palettes and sunk $1 million into their production and MUG was kinda SOL because they never made Jaclyn sign a contract.


It’s ♍️Virgo Season♍️ (August 23 – September 22)

According to, Virgos can expect the following for August 31:

AUG 31, 2018: Swap out regular pasta and use whole wheat instead and have some oatmeal and tea for breakfast at home rather than getting that muffin and latte on the run. Save yourself empty calories and some money, too.

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