$16 Dupe for the Tarte Tartelette Toasted palette! (Spoiler: it’s Colourpop)

If you’ve been coveting the Tarte Tartelette Toasted palette, but don’t want to shell out $46 for it, this $16 Colourpop option might be the ~toast~ of the lower budget party!

Featured Image Tarte Toasted Dupe

So I was going through my eyeshadow collection and trying to declutter things (which didn’t go that well, TBH) and came across my Tarte Tartelette Toasted palette, which is basically everything I look for when it comes to eyeshadow.  It contains warm neutrals AND it smells great… the catch is that it costs $46.


In my effort to declutter, I knew that I really wanted to tackle the goliath that is my hoard of Colourpop palettes because I jumped on the bandwagon when they first started releasing their pressed shadows and was seduced by the price tags only to realize months later that I don’t actually really use or need any of them… #womp

To tie this whole story together (it had a point – I promise!), when I opened my Colourpop Double Entendre palette, I felt like I was experiencing déjà vu.  It took be about .2 seconds to figure out that it looked veeery similar to the Tarte Toasted palette I was just sniffing looking at so I decided to do some swatching; lo and behold… they’re basically the same thing.

At A Glance

Colourpop Double Entendre vs. Tarte Toasted
Colourpop Double Entendre Palette ($16) // Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette ($46)

Packaging-wise, there’s not really much similarity.  Colourpop’s Double Entendre (which I will be referring as CPDE in this post because I’m L A Z Y) is made out of cardboard, doesn’t have a mirror, and has the shades listed on the back, while Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted (TTT for future reference, again for the same reason) is made out of plastic, has a mirror, and also has the shades listed right under the pans, which are square in comparison to CPDE’s circular ones.  If you’re thinking that CPDE looks familiar, you’d be correct! Colourpop’s I Think I Love You Palette has the exact same packaging.


Packaging isn’t really what we’re all here for, though, is it? Taking a look at the images above really shows how similar they are – pan shapes aside – and what’s more, the dupe shades are pretty much located all in the same row; albeit, maybe not exactly in the same exact position.


I don’t think CPDE was created to be an exact dupe of TTT – Tarte’s palette launched in October 2017, while Colourpop’s launched the month after in November.  If we’re being honest, these days a lot of palettes actually look alike, and Revelist actually has an article on this phenomenon.  IMO, I think warm shades were just extremely hot (pun intended) at the time and there’s only so many variations of an orange shadow that you can make… right?? (although the shadow placements in these palettes are just a little too uncanny…)


If you’re looking for examples of palettes that were pretty much explicitly made to dupe other palettes, check out the brands Makeup Revolution (although I think they’ve recently changed their name to Revolution Beauty) and Bad Habit Beauty, which are notorious for doing this.  I’ve done a post about a Makeup Revolution dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette in the past, as well as a post with a master list of all the palettes Bad Habit Beauty dupes, so read up if you’re bored! I’m also just realizing that I just did a post swatching two of Bad Habit Beauty’s most popular dupes for the ABH Subculture and Prism palettes this week because it’s apparently palette week on my blog… go figure.

The Logistics

Just because I look for any excuse to use Excel or some kind of table, let’s look at the ~logistics~ of it all:

Double Entendre
Tartelette Toasted
Price  $16.00  $46.00
Shadows 12 12
Total Weight (g) 13.2 18
Price per Shadow  $1.33  $3.83
Price per Gram  $1.21  $2.56
Packaging Cardboard
Names on back
No mirror
Names on front
Description You get a palette! You get a palette! Everyone gets a palette!
Double Entendre is the perfect palette for everyone! Your new go-to, your ride or die, your partner in crime – this palette holds the ultimate everyday, nude neutrals. With 12 shades, ranging from cool to warm, matte to metallic, you and this palette will be inseparable.
You can never have too many nudes…
A party-in-a-palette (we’re talking 12, all-new warm & cozy shades) to celebrate our tartelettes & the wearable shades they asked for… Lets you mix & match 12 warm, rich eyeshadows (7 wearable mattes & 5 lustrous shimmers), arranged in separate rows to make 3 easy-to-DIY looks. The superblendable Amazonian clay-infused powder formula glides on like a cream, providing longwearing, intense payoff that’s never chalky or patchy.

As you can see, you can’t really tell that CPDE is meant to be an explicit dupe for TTT other than the fact that they both have warm neutral shadows.  You pay less both per gram and per shadow if you go the Colourpop option even though the Tarte option apparently has more product.  In case anybody was curious, if the Colourpop palette had the same amount of product as the Tarte palette (18g), it would be priced at $21.78 (18g x $1.21).

The Swatches

Finally, the moment everybody has been waiting for – for me to shut up and just show you the swatches!

Top Row


CP Shade T Shade Shade Match Formula
Locked & Loaded S’more CP Locked & Loaded is a little more yellow-toned than T S’more Basically felt the same; both creamy with even pigmentation
Flasher Sunrise To me they look virtually the same when swatched Basically felt the same; both creamy with even pigmentation
Hot Bod Crackle These are both browns with gold shimmer, but T Crackle is a lot richer with much more apparent gold flecks than CP Hot Bod T Crackle is a lot more even and pigmented, but felt a little “chunkier” than CP Hot Bod
Unhibited Sunset To me they look virtually the same when swatched Both were creamy with even pigmentation, but CP Unhibited felt more smooth  – these are my favorite in the row

Middle Row


CP Shade T Shade Shade Match Formula
Nekkid Cashmere Basically the same, but Nekkid I think is a tad more orange than Cashmere, which is slightly more peach Basically felt the same; both creamy with even pigmentation
Extra Curricular Warmth Warmth has more burnt orange tones than Extra Curricular, which is more of a neutral orange Extra Curricular is less creamy and less pigmented than Warmth, while Warmth tended to pill up when using too much pressure and product
Hard Cozy Hard looks slightly more red while Cozy has more brown, but they’re basically the same to me Formulas were very similar – both creamy and pigmented
Draft Flame Draft is more goldish bronze while Flame is more reddish copper Both were very creamy and pigmented – again, Flame tended to do the pilling thing like some of the other Tarte shades

Bottom Row


CP Shade T Shade Shade Match Formula
Keep it PG Candle Basically the same to me – Candle might be slightly more yellow gold, but it’s barely noticeable Keep it PG was slightly less pigmented and a little more dry
Nip Slip Latte I think Latte is a little more neutral than Nip Slip, which seems warmer and darker, but only slightly Both felt the same – pigmented and creamy, yet slightly drier than the other shades
Send Noodles / Draft Simmer CP Send Noodles and T Simmer I think are the two “stand out” shades when it comes to not really having a dupe – I tried to compare Simmer to Draft, but they didn’t look that similar to me Send Noodles isn’t that pigmented; Simmer performs like the other Tarte metallics
Teddy Bare Fireside Fireside is a lot richer and darker than Teddy Bare Teddy Bare is slightly patchy (you can see this more in flash) and takes a little more building up than Fireside

The Verdict?

Generally speaking in terms of formula, the Colourpop shadows tend to be creamy yet a little drier than the Tarte formula – since the Tarte formula is so soft and pigmented, I found that it was prone to “pilling” or bunching up when too much product or pressure was used.  Still, I found that they tended to perform similarly enough when swatching.

Color-wise, although there are some slight variations when swatched, I’d imagine that most of the shades would look virtually identical when blended out on the eye.  I think the most similar shade matches were:

  • CP Flasher & Tarte Sunrise (top row)
  • CP Unhibited & Tarte Sunset (top row)
  • CP Nekkid & Tarte Cashmere (middle row)
  • CP Hard & Tarte Cozy (middle row)
  • CP Keep it PG & Tarte Candle (bottom row)

IMO, for less than half the price, there are enough similarities between the two palettes that I would opt for the Colourpop one over the Tarte one.  In general, I really do like Colourpop’s eyeshadow formula, but since I have both palettes, I can say that I prefer the Tarte formula in this instance.  I also paid much more $$ for the Tarte one and since I definitely don’t need both here, I’m going to declutter the Colourpop one to someone who will get a lot more use out of it than I will.

To sum it all up because this post got kinda long (as usual), I think the Colourpop Double Entendre palette is a pretty good dupe for the Tarte Tartelette Toasted.  If you don’t need a mirror, don’t mind that the shade names will be on the back, and aren’t lured in by eyeshadows that smell like marshmallow, save your money and go for the $16 Colourpop option.  If you want to treat yoself and go all in, by all means, treat yoself!

This is what literally every brand’s slogan says to me



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*Disclaimer: I purchased all above products with my own money and am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned (I wish!).  As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise)!

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