4 thoughts on “What Does It Really Mean To Be “Cruelty-Free?”

    • Hi Mimi – yes I still live in Italy!

      I’m actually not too familiar with Deborah Milano (although I see the brand in stores a lot) and I’m also not too familiar on animal testing laws in the EU/Italy, but I’ve found some information that might be helpful for you:

      ^According to this article, there are some bans in the EU on animal testing, but there are still some limitations to the bans

      ^According to this article from 2016, the EU commission took legal action against Italy for not conforming to the laws as scientists said restricting animal testing would “hurt research,” which leads me to believe Italy’s stance on being cruelty-free isn’t that great

      ^This article lists companies divided into a gray, black, and white list. Deborah Group, the parent company for Deborah Milano, is listed on the “gray list,” which means the company didn’t “reply to the question of whether or not they test their products on animals or don’t really pay attention are their ingredients tested on animals” – this article is from 2007, so it may be outdated!

      ^Of course, I think the only way to completely ensure that a brand is cruelty-free is to check Leaping Bunny since this would fall under the international scope. I checked for both Deborah Group and Deborah Milano and couldn’t find them on the list, so I’m going to assume from all of this that the brand isn’t cruelty-free.


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