Makeup Declutter: Study Abroad Edition (Part 2) – aka Decluttering My Lipstick Collection

In which I continue starting to get my life together and tackle the task of decluttering all the lipsticks I brought with me abroad to Italy!

Lipstick Declutter Thumbnail.png

If you read this post by any chance, you’re probably aware that I made some makeup resolutions for 2018 which included minimizing my buying, decluttering, and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to color.  Today I actually started my more minimalistic makeup journey by tackling the second item on that list: decluttering.

I basically took all of my makeup out category by category and asked myself if I needed each individual product, getting rid of anything that didn’t really “spark joy” in me a la the KonMari Method.  I filmed the whole thing, and if you missed it (or just want to watch me suffer again), be sure to check out Part 1 where I decluttered everything besides lipstick.  Since the lipstick portion ended up being really long, I said I was going to make a separate video, and I have actually delivered… here’s Part 2.

Liquid lipsticks are my babies so this was the hardest “category” of makeup to declutter, but I managed to get rid of a few, which was huuuge for me.  As I’ve said previously, this is the “abbreviated” version of my collection since 70% of my makeup is at my home in the US, so it’ll be reaaaaally interesting once I get home in the summer to do a full declutter/purge of my entire collection! *gasp*

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5 thoughts on “Makeup Declutter: Study Abroad Edition (Part 2) – aka Decluttering My Lipstick Collection

  1. You have a crazy cool lipstick collection!This is awesome!I’m planning to apply for a study abroad next year, and I’m so excited that I’m on a
    binge-read, reading about everyone’s experiences,lol.
    Love your blog,I’d love for you to check out mine as well<3

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