Makeup Declutter: Study Abroad Edition (Part 1)

In which I actually start to get my life together and declutter all of the makeup I brought with me abroad to Italy!


If you read this post by any chance, which I literally wrote yesterday, you’re probably aware that I made some makeup resolutions for 2018 which included minimizing my buying, decluttering, and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to color.  Today I actually started my more minimalistic makeup journey by tackling the second item on that list: decluttering.

I basically took all of my makeup out category by category and asked myself if I needed each individual product, getting rid of anything that didn’t really “spark joy” in me a la the KonMari Method.  I filmed the whole thing, but the lipstick portion ended up being really long, so that’s going to get its own video – for now, here’s Part 1, aka every other product I own beside lipstick.


I know I didn’t get rid of a ton of stuff, but it felt good to lighten my collection by eliminating the few items I did choose to pass on – as I said in my video, this is the “abbreviated” version of my collection since 70% of my makeup is at my home in the US, so it’ll be reaaaaally interesting once I get home in the summer to do a full declutter/purge of my entire collection! *gasp*

*Update 2/7/18: here’s Part 2!

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One thought on “Makeup Declutter: Study Abroad Edition (Part 1)

  1. […] If you’ve been poking around my blog the past few weeks, you’ll know one of my resolutions for 2018 is to declutter and minimize my makeup collection.  I’ve actually already started on that resolution and did a declutter of all of the makeup that I brought with me to Italy, which you can read all about in two parts – one where I declutter my lipstick collection, and the other where I tackle everything else. […]


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