Makeup Resolutions for 2018

Warning: this post contains a very emotional comparison of me to Gabriella and all my makeup to Troy in the song “Gotta Go My Own Way” from HSM2 when discussing decluttering.  Read at your own risk.

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It’s the end of January, and while I should have probably made these resolutions at the actual beginning of the year rather than the end of the first month, it took me a little bit to reflect on my makeup habits and collection before I realized that I actually wanted to make these resolutions in the first place.

Me remembering all the things I said I would do in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013…

As some of you might know, I’m definitely an avid fan of makeup, so much so that I have an Excel spreadsheet keeping track of all the lipsticks I own, which I’ve mentioned multiple times on my blog before.  After graduating and looking at this spreadsheet, I realized adulthood is upon me and I should probably be spending less money on makeup and more money saving up for the future. *shudder*

I’ve also recently been inspired by makeup declutter videos and minimalist makeup collection videos on YouTube – while I know myself well enough to admit that I probably will never be a true minimalist, I can at least start living a more “minimalist” makeup lifestyle by cutting down on buying new products and trying to declutter anything I don’t particularly use or absolutely love in my existing collection.

1.) Minimize Buying

If this dog can look away, so can I. Right??

As previously mentioned, the first way I can give myself a fighting chance to become more minimalist is by actually minimizing my input in the first place.  Basic math will tell you that if you want to keep a number constant, the less you add means the less you’ll have to subtract in the long run.  I think my big “wake up call” was looking at my excessive lipstick collection and all of the eyeshadow palettes I have that I never use.  While I do wear lipstick almost every day, I realized that I only really gravitate towards the same ones, and I also realized I have so many eyeshadow palettes that basically are the same kind of palette, but duplicated.

If we’re being completely honest, I think I made a lot of these purchases because I’m a firm believer in retail therapy and impulse-buying, which makes me the perfect consumer.  As someone who’s in university for marketing, you’d think I’d be able to recognize the way companies and brands try to lure people in, and you’d be right – I do recognize these traps, yet I willingly walk right into them.

*strolls leisurely into my doom*

The Colourpop rapid-fire releases of their pressed eyeshadow palettes really got me this year –  I immediately hopped on the Yes Please bandwagon on initial release because I couldn’t resist and I like the warm shades, but they’re definitely too vibrant for me, so I never use it. I also kind of regret my She purchase – the packaging is beautiful, but I feel like I can’t really create a full look out of it alone because I have to reach for mattes in other palettes since the ones in this palette don’t complement the shimmers for some reason IMO (I think the You Had Me At Hello palette is beautiful and makes more sense BUT I’m not a big enough fan of pinks/mauves to justify getting this one too tbh). I also regret getting the I Think I Love You palette and not waiting for the Double Entendre palette because I would have totally preferred DE, but hindsight is 20/20!

PS… if you think you might also fall into this trap, Judy C has a really helpful video ranking and reviewing all her favorite Colourpop pressed shadow palettes up until the newest Sephora releases.  Her video is more recent, but I reeeeeally wish it was around when I was first making my purchases to consult!

This will be particularly difficult for me because I love watching YouTube reviews in my free time, which is where I’m mostly swayed to purchase things.  I do want to have a career in the cosmetics industry in marketing and analytics (I actually wrote my thesis on the persuasive impact on reviews in the industry), so I like to keep up-to-date on new releases and influencer opinions, but I think I need to do a better job of asking myself if I really need the product before buying it.  Chances are, the answer will always be no.

2.) Declutter


As previously mentioned, I have an excessive makeup collection for a person who tends to stick to the same few products, so I definitely need to declutter my collection.  I was particularly inspired by Lauren Mae Beauty, who has a whole decluttering playlist and is super realistic about decluttering her makeup even while being an actual makeup artist.  Watching her make a point to not let her having a kit be a “crutch” for her to hold on to things she doesn’t really need made me realize that I really have no excuse to have all these items I don’t use since I’m not a makeup artist in any way, shape, or form and there’s no reason for me to hang onto all these things.

Something that I want to get into once I’m home for good in July (I’m still in Italy completing the last stage of my 2-year program, which is completing an internship!) is decluttering using the Konmari Method, which has been super trendy on YouTube.  This method was developed by Marie Kondo is “a way of life and a state of mind that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in people’s lives.”  It has 6 rules, which include:

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle
  3. Finish discarding first
  4. Tidy by category: not location
  5. Follow the right order
  6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

I especially liked this makeup declutter by YouTuber Gillian at Home, as well as this makeup declutter by another YouTuber, Aimee Rebecca because they made it seem very doable, although it’s definitely a daunting task.  My key takeaways from reading about the Konmari Method and watching these kinds of videos is that you’re supposed to take everything and lay it out in front of you before picking up each item individually and asking yourself if it “sparks joy,” getting rid of anything that doesn’t.

My makeup @me

Even without looking at everything, I can think of a few things I want to declutter:

  • Colourpop Super Shock shadows – I used to use these a lot more “back in the day,” but I can’t remember the last time I actually picked one of these up to use.  I think a lot of them are definitely dried up by now anyway, so hopefully it won’t be too painful to get rid of them.
  • Neutral eyeshadow palettes – I’m such a sucker for neutral eyeshadows that I own so many palettes that look the same and don’t use ANY of them.  I know this’ll be a lot harder than the Super Shocks because eyeshadow palettes are just so pretty, but some of them definitely need to go.
  • Lipstick – this is going to be the hardest because my lipsticks are like my children, but it’s time to let a few of them a good majority of them go off to better pastures.  I’m probably going to lie to myself and tell myself that every single lipstick “sparks joy,” but I know that that’s not the case and I could do without a lot of them.  Again, I tend to gravitate towards the same few already, so I need to be realistic and try to remember when the last time I actually used each and every one because I know there are lipsticks in my collection that I’ve actually never used.  Those need to go.  Rip the bandaid, Amanda.

I actually ordered Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and downloaded her KonMari app, so I’m excited to have this project waiting for me when I get home since I can’t really go through all my things until they’re all in one place after my whole Italian experience is done!

3.) Step Outside my Comfort Zone

Big ass 2018 mood!!!

I feel like I’ve kind of been stuck in a rut in terms of makeup – I tend to always where the same kind of look, which isn’t a bad thing, but realizing I have so many of the same neutral palette really opened my eyes to this.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 3.29.12 PM
Drugstore Maven // BH Naturally Flawless Foundation Test on OILY SKIN + More First Impressions

In 2018, I want to use all of the “fun” colors that I have in some of the neutrals palettes I have.  For example, I own and love the BH Cosmetics Bronze Paradise palette (it’s a GREAT travel palette) and I’ve only ever used the same brown shadows in it, but after seeing Drugstore Maven use the bright blue color on her lower lashline in this video, I realized bright colors don’t have to be scary!  I have so many peachy eyeshadows in my collection that I’ve been afraid to wear because I don’t think I look good in peach, but I want to give them another go in the springtime.  I know, peaches for spring, groundbreaking, but your girl has to start somewhere!


Overall, I’m hoping that decluttering and thinning on my makeup collection will kind of be the catalyst to me stepping outside my comfort zone since I won’t be as “weighed down” by all the same shadows.  I’ve also been kind of been uninspired in the whole blogging realm too, so maybe getting my life in order will help me be more productive. 2018… I hope you’re ready for it.





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*Disclaimer: I purchased all above products with my own money and am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned (I wish!).  As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise)!

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