Dupes?? Makeup Revolution “I Heart Chocolate” vs. Too Faced “Chocolate Bar”

I’m a glutton for chocolate, which is obviously evident by my eyeshadow choices… but can *all* chocolate be equally as satisfying?

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If you’ve read any of my posts before, you probably know that my all-time favorite eyeshadow palette is Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palette.  With its cute packaging and amazing chocolate scent (which definitely appeals to the chocolate addict in me), it’s hard not to love – especially when my favorite eyeshadow ever (yes – ever!) makes itself at home in this palette.

The eyeshadow in question is “Salted Caramel,” which is a warm orange-y brown.  As you can tell above, I’ve hit decent pan on it, and it’s actually the only shadow I think I’ve ever hit pan on.  I use this shadow almost every day – it’s a great crease/transition shade, but when I’m feeling especially lazy in the morning, I just fluff it it all over my lid and call it a day!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Salted Caramel Panned

Unfortunately, this palette rings in at a cool $49.00 – the crazier part of me wants to justify repurchasing the whole palette just for this one shade because it is just that amazing, buuuut luckily the tiny part of me that’s still sane somehow holds the purse strings.

I’ve been hearing about a “dupe” all over the Internet for the Chocolate Bar palette for a decently long time: the Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate palette.  This is no groundbreaking dupe revelation on my end by any means, but Makeup Revolution is hard to come by for me.  When I saw that it had mysteriously popped up overnight in my local OVS here in Piacenza, I was pleasantly surprised… when I saw that they carried the I Heart Chocolate palette, I was floored!

Makeup Revolution Who?

Before I get into the ~specifics,~ let me just talk about Makeup Revolution for a hot sec because I think it’s one of those brands that has coasted under the radar for a bit before more recently becoming more popular.  Makeup Revolution is a brand under the umbrella of TAM Beauty, which is headquartered in the UK.  According to their website, all TAM Beauty’s products are 100% cruelty free and include no animal testing whatsoever.



You may have heard of Makeup Revolution though – a lot of the “dupe” videos on YouTube nowadays feature some kind of product from this brand and it was actually involved in some controversy with Kat Von D last spring for allegedly “copying” Kat Von D’s Shade + Light palette.


Controversies aside, I generally do like Makuep Revolution products, so I’m just going to stay in my own lane and talk about the palette at hand.  I got this palette for €9.99 here in Italy, but this “chocolate bar-esque” line of palettes by Makeup Revolution usually retails for $15.00 in the USA at ULTA.




One of my struggles with this dupe in the past was that I could never find the “I Heart Chocolate” variation of it – what I think I’ve discovered is that it’s called something completely different in the EU vs. the US! The “Death by Chocolate” palette at ULTA seems to be the same exact thing, so if you’re in the US and was hoping to try this dupe out, mystery solved!







I personally think this palette is really cute – it has a nice full-length mirror in the lid and comes with 16 shades.  It also comes with a double-ended foam applicator, which I promptly threw away.  In terms of the scent, I think I detect a faint chocolate scent, but overall it just kind of smells like regular eyeshadow.  Most people in the reviews on ULTA have commented that it smells like chocolate, so maybe I’m not imagining things for once.

Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Palette

Something that I thought was a little bit dodgy was the removable plastic insert that has all the shades listed on it.  I’m not a huge fan of these things because I think they’re kind of a pain in the a** and it’s so much easier to just have the shades engraved on the actual palette, but hey – you get what you pay for!  The plastic isn’t dodgy itself, but rather, the actual shade names – “More !” is strangely stylized with a space in between the word and the exclamation point, I think it’s weird how the ‘n’ is lowercase in “You need More,” and I also think it’s strange that the ‘A’ is capitalized in “What A Way to Go” while the ‘t’ is lowercase in ‘to.’  Also… there seems to be multiple spaces in between the two words in “Endorphins Ready,” which irks me.


I’m not sure if this is an indication that I got a “fake” of some sort in-store somehow, or if this is just how it is.  Maaaaybe I’m just being anal about this, but the Type A in me is not amused!

At a Glance

Too Faced Chocolate Bar vs. Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Packaging

Right away, you can see the whole similarities in the “chocolate” theme going on here, but the packaging itself isn’t exactly identical.  The Chocolate Bar palette is made out of tin, while the I Heart Chocolate palette is made out of a plastic that seems decently solid.  Both have mirrors; however, I actually prefer the mirror in the I Heart Chocolate palette because it spans the entirety of the lid, while the mirror in the Chocolate Bar palette is much smaller and partially covered by text.  The I Heart Chocolate palette also snaps shut, which makes it feel more secure, while the Chocolate Bar palette just kind of closes.  TBH, the CB palette is a bit of a pain to travel with, and if you noticed that I’ve just shortened Chocolate Bar to “CB,” it’s because I just got really tired of writing the whole thing out.  I will also be referring to the I Heart Chocolate palette as the “IHC” palette from now on too in case there are no detectives in the audience.




The layouts of the palettes are also really similar – the “dupe” shades are all basically in the same place in IHC as they are in CB, with the exception of the longer shade, “You Need More” and “Piece Me Together” being flipped in the IHC palette.  I actually think the way that IHC is laid out makes so much more sense – it’s more symmetrical, and I always thought it was a bit strange having “Gilded Ganache” all by its lonesome in the CB palette!

I do wish that IHC smelled more like CB – while scent probably shouldn’t be a make-or-break issue when it comes to buying things like eyeshadow, the whole novelty of the CB palette is that it smells absolutely heavenly.  I guess we can’t all win!

I Heart Chocolate
Makeup Revolution

Chocolate Bar
Too Faced
Price $15.00 $49.00
Packaging Plastic
Snaps Shut
Full-Lid Mirror
No “Fastener”
Partial-Lid Mirror
Shadows 16 shadows 16 shadows
Description “Chocolate lovers are in heaven! This to-die-for Makeup Revolution Death by Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette includes 16 matte and shimmer shades of rich, warm neutrals and cool, smokey plums – perfect for creating both day and night looks! Full size mirror and foam applicator brush included.” “The Chocolate Bar experience begins as soon as you open the palette and the smell of sweet chocolate envelops you. The eye shadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and includes 16 matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums. Includes our signature how-to Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started.”

Something I just noticed that I find very interesting is the similarities in the descriptions, which I’ve bolded above – the CB description calls out the “16 matte and shimmer shades,” which is the exact same wording in the IHC description.  Additionally, CB’s “natural browns, delicate pinks, and luscious plums” also lines up pretty closely with IHC’s “rich, warm neutral and cool, smokey plums,” particularly where the plums are concerned.


Shade Matches

As mentioned, all of the shades in IHC are basically in the same place as their more expensive, chocolately-smelling counterparts in the CB palette, with the exceptions of “You Need Love” and “Piece Me Together” in IHC being flipped in their pan placement with “Gilded Ganache” and “White Chocolate” in CB.  For the rest of them, here are the intended shade matches:

I Heart Chocolate Chocolate Bar
You Need Love White Chocolate
Piece Me Together Gilded Ganache
One More Piece Milk Chocolate
Love Torn Black Forest Truffle
Stolen Chocolate Triple Fudge
Thank Friday Salted Caramel
More! Marzipan
Pleasure Girl Semi-Sweet
Meet Chocolate Strawberry Bon Bon
Unforgivable Candied Violet
Love Divine Amaretto
Smooth Criminal Hazelnut
Chocolate Love Crème Brulee
You Need More Haute Chocolate
What a Way to Go Cheery Cordial
Endorphins Ready! Champagne Truffle


For all of the following swatches, the IHC shadow will be on the left, while the CB shadow will be on the right!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar vs. Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Swatches No FlashToo Faced Chocolate Bar vs. Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Swatches Flash

For the first round of swatches, I was pleasantly surprised with the texture of the IHC shadows – they’re pretty smooth and not dry at all, which was nice to see.  In some circumstances, I think that ICH actually performed better than CB – for example, I found “You Need Love” to be a lot creamier and more pigmented than “White Chocolate,” and it was the same story with “Love Torn” and “Black Forest Truffle.”

Overall, most of the shades in this round are pretty close, with the exception of “Love Torn” and “Black Forest Truffle.”  I’d say the closest match is “Piece Me Together” and “Gilded Ganache.”

IHC Shade TF Shade Formula Shade Match
You Need Love White Chocolate You Need Love is creamier and slightly more opaque than White Chocolate, which feels a tad dry to the touch. You Need Love has more of a white undertone, while White Chocolate is more of a true cream.
Piece Me Together Gilded Ganache Piece Me Together is slightly crumbly, while Gilded Ganache has even pigmentation and is more opaque. Basically the same shade IMO, with Gilded Ganache just being more opaque.
One More Piece Milk Chocolate Formula feels pretty similar on these two – Milk Chocolate has slightly more color payoff. One More Piece is a tad warmer than Milk Chocolate.
Love Torn Black Forest Truffle Love Torn is creamier and more opaque than Black Forest Truffle, which feels dry and crumbly. I would consider Love Torn more magenta/plum than Black Forest Truffle, which is a darker, cooler purple.  IMO, they’re not very close in terms of a shade match.
Stolen Chocolate Triple Fudge Stolen Chocolate and Triple fudge feel basically the same, with Triple Fudge being slightly more pigmented. Triple Fudge is darker, while Stolen Chocolate is a bit more gray-toned.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar vs. Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Swatches No FlashToo Faced Chocolate Bar vs. Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Swatches Flash

The second round was what I was most excited for, given that the whole reason why I bought the IHC palette was to see if it had a dupe for “Salted Caramel.”  This round is where things got very interesting – in general, “Strawberry Bon Bon,” “Candied Violet,” and “Amaretto” are all shadows that I kind of have trouble with in the CB palette and it was really surprising to see their counterparts in IHC performing so much better.

In terms of shades, all of them are basically the same, with the exception of “More!” and “Marzipan” and “Love Divine” and “Amaretto.”  Unfortunately, “Thank Friday” is not an exact dupe for “Salted Caramel,” but it’s close, I guess… 😦

IHC Shade TF Shade Formula Shade Match
Thank Friday Salted Caramel Basically the same to the touch; however, Salted Caramel is more pigmented and smooth upon application. Salted Caramel is a little warmer than Thank Friday, which is also slightly more muted 😦
More! Marzipan I’d say these have the same consistency and pigmentation More! Is a lot more (haha) true gold than Marzipan, which is more of a rose gold.  I’d say the shade match is pretty off on these two.
Pleasure Girl Semi-Sweet I think these feel and apply basically the same. Tbh… These look identical to me.
Meet Chocolate Strawberry Bon Bon Meet Chocolate is a lot smoother and more pigmented than Strawberry Bon Bon, which you have to really work to get to even show up! It takes about three swipes of Strawberry Bon Bon to get to the same opacity as Meet Chocolate, but once you finally do, they look the same.
Unforgivable Candied Violet These have similar pigmentation, however Unforgivable feels so much nicer than Candied Violet, which is actually pretty dry and a bit scratchy-feeling. They look identical!
Love Divine Amaretto Love Divine is super smooth and pigmented, while Amaretto is surprisingly and disappointingly a dry dud, given these kinds of metallic browns are “easier” to pull off (I think?). Love Divine looks so much nicer than Amaretto and is a richer true brown. I think that shade is what Amaretto wants to be, but it comes off as being all gray and blah.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar vs. Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Swatches No FlashToo Faced Chocolate Bar vs. Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Swatches Flash

Round 3 includes my favorite shades from both palettes because I kind of have a thing for shimmery browns and golds.  I think the closest matches in this round are “You Need More” and “Haute Chocolate” and “Endorphins Ready!” and “Champagne Truffle.”  All the other shades are pretty close, yet still slightly off.

IHC Shade TF Shade Formula Shade Match
Smooth Criminal Hazelnut These feel basically the same to the touch; I think a little of Hazelnut goes a longer way than Smooth Criminal though. Smooth Criminal is more of a copper, while Hazelnut is a richer true brown.  Not really very close in terms of shade match on these two.
Chocolate Love Crème Brulee Basically the same consistency and color payoff. Crème Brulee has a slightly more gunmetal undertone than Chocolate Love, which leans more warm.
You Need More Haute Chocolate Basically the same consistency and color payoff. I think You Need More is slightly warmer, but they basically look the same.
What a Way to Go Cherry Cordial What a Way to Go feels much nicer to me than Cherry Cordial, which is slightly dry.  They do have similar opacity though. What a Way to Go is more magenta, while Cherry Cordial is more brick red.  I don’t think these two really look much alike at all.
Endorphins Ready! Champagne Truffle These have basically the same feel to them, but Endorphins Ready! might be slightly more opaque. These basically look the same… I think Champagne Truffle might actually look slightly more silvery, but it’s virtually undetectable.

The Verdict?


If you’re super invested in the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for the novelty of the smell, I would say the Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate palette is not a very good dupe; however, other things aside, I would consider them pretty close.

As mentioned above, not every shade is a perfect match, but they’re similar enough to where I think on the eyes, they wouldn’t be too far off.

The best matches are:

  • “Piece Me Together” & “Gilded Ganache”
  • “Pleasure Girl” & “Semi-Sweet”
  • “Meet Chocolate” & “Strawberry Bon Bon”
  • “Unforgivable” & “Candied Violet”
  • “You Need More” & “Haute Chocolate”
  • “Endorphins Ready!” & “Champagne Truffle”

The worst matches are:

  • “Love Torn” & “Black Forest Truffle”
  • “More!” & “Marzipan”
  • “Love Divine” & “Amaretto”
  • “Smooth Criminal” & “Hazelnut”
  • “What a Way to Go” & “Cherry Cordial”

Overall, I would consider this palette a pretty decent dupe.  It performs decently on the eye and wears for basically the same amount of time.  Plus, at less than half the price of the Too Faced palette, you can spend all the money you save on actual chocolate – yum! #halloween aesthetic




  • Too Faced “Chocolate Bar” Palette // $49.00
  • Makeup Revolution “I Heart Makeup” Palette // €9.99
  • Makeup Revolution “Death By Chocolate” Palette // $15.00
  • Kat Von D “Shade + Light Eye Contour” Palette // $48.00

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*Disclaimer: I purchased all above products with my own money and am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned (I wish!).  As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise)!

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