First Impressions + Swatches: Lottie London “Shimmer Squad” Powder Highlighter Quad

Impulse-Bought a Highlighting Quad and Don’t Regret It: a Novel by Me.


Once upon a time (aka about a year ago), I was a girl who didn’t care much for highlighters.  I maybe owned one or two highlighters and never really bought in to the whole super glow-y face trend since my face tends to glow anyway and usually it’s because of oil production.

Well, those times are over, and I’m sorry, the old Amanda can’t come to the phone right now.  Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead!

@Taylor pls don’t sue me for using this .gif thx

As I said, the old Amanda has since died, and although the new Amanda still has a natural glow as a result of her oily/combo skin, she also likes to throw in some highlight in there to make it look like it was all done on purpose.

All these dramatics that really make me feel like I’m connecting to my ~inner Taylor Swift~ (lol jk #nothx) aside, I really do like highlighters now.  I think my whole beef with highlighters initially was that I thought they were all just too glittery – now that I’m one year older and wiser, I’ve realized that #notallhighlighters are created equal and while some are still basically all glitter, some are more metallic, and others are more glowy (take a shot every time I say “glowy” in this post), which is my preferred highlighter effect.


I recently got back to Italy to finish off my last year of university and the other day I was strolling through my local OVS (read: not CVS – you would know the difference if you read my post about finding drugstore makeup in Italy!! *wink wink nudge nudge*) when I came across a display for the brand Lottie London.  This is one of those brands that I’ve seen on YouTube, but never actually encountered IRL like some kind of rare Pokemon – Lottie London is apparently available at ULTA in the USA, although it looks like all of their products are online only, leading me to pose the question: is this brand a Catfish??

When I saw the display, I did what I do best, which is impulse buy, so I ended up impulse-buying the Shimmer Squad Powder Highlighter Quad, which retails for €11.32 here in Europe or $10.99 in the USA, according to ULTA.  I think what triggered my impulse buying habit is that fact that OVS was having a 30% off all makeup sale, so I actually ended up buying mine for ~€7.92.  Gotta love a great deal!

Me snagging up makeup on sale

This palette really called out to me because the tester in the store (yes – Italian “drugstores” have testers – for the most part!!) felt really soft and the highlighters themselves weren’t glittery and despite my fascination with the new Ciaté London Glitter Flips, I tend to avoid glitter like it’s 1353 and the plague has been running rampant for the past seven years or so.


The cardboard packaging on this is really cute and compact and comes with a little mirror in the lid, which I neglected to take pictures of (whoops) – the directions say to “apply directly to cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow, and wherever the light naturally catches the face for intense look-at-me shimmer,” and since I crave attention, I was 100% here for it.


The four shades this palette comes with are “The Good Girl,” “The Flirt,” “The Troublemaker,” and “The Queen Bee.”  At first glance, this immediately reminded me of Urban Decay’s Afterglow Highlighter Palette ($34), which I unfortunately don’t own, just because of the packaging and layout of the highlighters.


As previously stated, these shades are pretty soft to the touch and don’t do that weird “pilling” thing that some softer highlighters tend to do, which is when a highlighter actually crumbles on itself when swatched with too much product.  The finish is definitely more metallic than anything else – there’s definitely no glitter in this (thank God), but the shades can be diffused out to give more of a glow than a “wet” metallic look if that’s what you’d prefer.


These shades swatch really well and evenly and are pretty opaque on one swipe.  Again, they can be sheered out, which is what I prefer.  I’ve only more recently let highlighters into my life and we’re still taking it slow and working things out, so

In terms of the shades themselves, I would describe “The Good Girl” as a champagne color, “The Flirt” as a bronze, “The Troublemaker” as an icy/frosty white, and “The Queen Bee” as a muted rose gold.  “The Good Girl” and “Queen Bee” do look pretty similar, but “The Good Girl” is more cream-toned, while “The Queen Bee” leans a bit more gold.

OVERALL FIRST IMPRESSIONS: This is a cute little palette that feels a lot more expensive than it actually is.  I’ll probably use “The Queen Bee” and “The Good Girl” a lot on my cheekbones (mostly because they’re really similar) as that kind of champagne/rose gold shade is what I tend to lean towards.  I might get some use out of “The Troublemaker” as an inner-corner highlight since whiter highlights make me look like the Tin Man’s runaway bride, and I can see myself using “The Flirt” as an eyeshadow since that shade is too dark to use on my skintone as a highlighter and too glowy (did you remember to take a shot?) for a bronzer for my tastes.

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*Disclaimer: I purchased all above products with my own money and am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned (I wish!).  As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise)!

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