Makeup Hype: Ciaté London Glitter Flip

Ciatè London Glitter Flip.  Really flippin’ glittery.  Really flippin’ cool.  Enough said.

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If you read my last Makeup Hype on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette, you would know that the “hype” around that palette was all about the drama.  Today’s “hyped” product doesn’t really feature any drama – I just think it’s really flippin’ (haha, get it?) cool.





The product in question is Ciaté London’s Glitter Flip, which retails for $19.00 and launched on August 15 at Sephora.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.48.53 PM.png

Available in seven shades, ranging from what looks like a light baby pink to a dark purple, it’s described by the brand as being “the transforming metallic liquid lipstick with extreme glitter finish in multi-dimensional shades.”



Glitter lips are nothing all that new – they’re all over Instagram (such as the really pretty blue ones from user noirojos above) and can be achieved in many ways.  Some people prefer to use loose glitter patted over a regular ol’ lipstick or gloss, but other companies have tried to make this trend more accessible.









For example, Tattoo Junkee, a brand you can find at Walmart, has a product that retails for $6.99 called “Pucker Up Lip Paint + Effects,” which is basically just a liquid lipstick and glitter duo.  Tati actually has a review of these on YouTube, and although she says the lipstick “smells like straight chemicals,” she calls it a “hidden gem” at the drugstore citing the fact that “they apply really easily” and that “they wear as long as you need them to wear.”








Another brand called Violent Lips carries a whole array of glitter lip tattoos in their “Glitterati” collection that retail for $10.00 (or $8.00 on sale).  These are temporary lip tattoos that come in a pack of three each.  Kandee Johnson actually has a really old video from 2011 reviewing one of these and says “it feels really weird… like you have plastic on your lips or something, but it goes away… you get used to it after awhile.”  She says it’s such a fun product, they’re easy, and that they wear for a decently long time.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.14.30 PM.png

However, Ciaté London has made the glitter lips even easier.  All you have to do is apply the liquid lipstick, which has a metallic matte finish, wait for it to dry a little bit, and then press your lips together.  This will ~apparently~ instantly transform it into a “no-mess, dazzling, multidimensional glitter lip” in a “fraction of the time of a traditional glitter lip look.”  The formula is meant to be “non-drying and totally comfortable.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.51.49 PM.png
Jeffree Star – Rich Blood // $18.00

When I first saw this teased on Instagram, I was a little bit skeptical.  This concept immediately reminded me of Jeffree Star’s “Rich Blood,” which retails for $18.00 launched as part of his Spring 2016 collection.  In his reveal video, Jeffree describes its formula as being a “little different” from his usual formula and that “it’s a tiny bit more mousse-y because there’s fine micas of glitters in this.”  Although the website itself doesn’t say anything about activating the glitter in the product description, Jeffree tells you how to “activate the glitter” at 6:25 in his video: “if you want to activate the glitter inside the product, let it completely dry, and then lightly rub.”

@Jeffree be better!

Now, I happen to own Rich Blood, and while the color itself is unique, I wouldn’t say rubbing it really “activates” anything.  All it happened to do was smear some of the color off on my finger while maybe slightly letting a little more color shine through.  All in all… activation was a let-down, hence my skepticality (this isn’t a word, but it’s fine) at the Ciaté London Glitter Flips.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.06.57 PM.png

Buuut, I didn’t want to knock it until I saw other people try it.  At $19.00, I wasn’t about to go all in on something I wasn’t completely there on.  Since its debut, I’ve seen this all over YouTube – a search of “Ciate London Glitter Flip” yields ~762 results, so let’s take a look at a few of them:


1.) Stephanie Lange

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.12.51 PM.png

The first review I watched was a week ago by Stephanie Lange and I was immediately intrigued by how easy this seemed to be.  She chooses the color “Candy,” which she describes as looking like a “really really pale candy-like pink.”  At 1:55, she gives her initial first impressions just by looking at the tube, saying, “looking at it I can see the tiniest amount of shimmer in the packaging, like it doesn’t look like it’ll be very glittery on the lips at all, but we’ll see.”  She then reads the “how to use” part of the product, which is to “simply apply one even coat directly to lips, leaving to completely dry for 2 minutes. Now press your lips together and watch it transform before your eyes to a dazzling full coverage glitter lip!”

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.16.54 PM

At 2:42 she begins to apply it with a brush because she always applies her liquid lipsticks with brushes since she feels she gets neater results.  At 3:23 right after application, you can see it’s not really all that glittery, and Stephanie says, “it looks like any other matte liquid lipstick… I don’t really know how this is going to work.”  Me either, girl!


However, at 3:33 after waiting “one full minute” for the lipstick to dry before pressing together, ABSOLUTE WITCHCRAFT HAPPENS!  You can see how surprised she is as she says, “what the heck, can you guys see that? I just pressed them together once like barely even touching and the glitter is exposing itself.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.23.22 PM

After pressing her lips together a few more times, you can really see all the glitter coming through.  At 3:56, she says, “I think this is the coolest product I’ve ever tried in my life. It was so easy to apply I literally applied it the same as any old liquid lipstick, waited for it to dry, then I pressed my lips together, kinda ‘popped’ them, and look how glittery it went!”

2.) Laura Lee

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.29.16 PM

I was pretty impressed from Stephanie Lange’s video, but I wanted to see other colors in action.  The second video I watched was by Laura Lee, where she tests the product in the aiming of finding out whether it’s a “gimmick” or not.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.32.07 PM.png

The three shades she has are “Candy” (which is what Stephanie Lange tried in her video), “Fortune,” and “Iconic.”  She opts to try “Iconic” first, which seems to have a black base to it.  At 3:06, she’s immediately impressed with the pigmentation, saying, “first off, are you effing kidding me, look how much pigmentation.” After applying it, she says, “that just applied way too easy for such a dark color.”  At 3:32, she describes the initial look as being “shiny and metallic-looking, but not really glittery.”  She reads the instructions, which tell her to leave it to dry for “two minutes,” which I thought was interesting since Stephanie Lange says one minute in her video, and the website also says one minute, but that’s probably just a minor detail I’m being picky about.









After waiting two minutes, she presses her lips together at 3:59, and the result is SO COOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Even Laura exclaims, “oh my God it turned into glitter – it works!” and claps her hands together.  At 4:14 she says, “it’s freakin’ magic I’m dying over here,” and at 4:48 she says, “I’ve never been so shooketh in my life.” It IS magic.  I’m convinced.









At 5:05, she tries out the shade “Fortune,” which she describes as being “purple-y.” At 5:22, she says, “it feels like it’s drying pretty nicely… whenever they are glittery they feel just slightly more drying, but nothing crazy or nothing that I can’t wear.”  While watching this video, “Fortune” looks a little more metallic even before the whole pressing-the-lips-together thing than “Candy” did for Stephanie Lange or “Iconic” did earlier in the video for Laura, so I’m interested to see what it looks like after the flip.  She follows the same procedure as the first one and presses her lips together at 5:54 to watch it transform. Not surprisingly, the results are just as cool.

At 6:27 she tries the last shade she has, “Candy,” and is interested to see if it is “more or as vibrant as the other ones.”  She notices that “Candy doesn’t even look shiny or shimmery, it kinda looks like it’s gonna be matte,” which was a similar first impression to what Stephanie Lange had in her video.  It seems that so far, “Candy” is the most matte-looking upon application, “Iconic” kinda looks like a black/blue duochrome, and “Fortune” looks most metallic.









She says “Candy” is easier to apply, but that’s mostly because it’s a more neutral color.  At 7:02, she presses her lips together to activate the glitter, and what would you know – it turns to glitter!

At 7:39, she gives her final opinions, saying she does recommend them and says, “I just think they are coolest thing ever… I think they’re the most unique, innovative thing ever. I think they look so cool on the lips, they’re pretty darn comfortable to wear, they apply evenly, like what more can I say? And the sad thing is that I was really doubting these… these are no gimmick.  These are non-gimmick, real-life magic action.”

3.) KathleenLights

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.58.56 PM
KathleenLights // From Matte to Glitter | Transforming Liquid Lipsticks!!!

Finally, as if I wasn’t already convinced, I watched a lip swatch video on these by KathleenLights.  The first shade she picks up is “Candy,” which we’ve seen before in both Stephanie Lange’s and Laura Lee’s videos, so we already know this one works.  Similar to the other two, she notes that “Candy” really isn’t that metallic upon first application.  Her instructions also seem to say to let them dry for two full minutes, so I guess it’s a tossup… what is the truth?









At 3:25, she presses her lips together and as we’ve seen before, it’s magic.  She seems pretty shocked, saying “this is pretty freakin’ epic… this is incredible!”  At 3:40, she says that her “major worry” about this product is “that you would press your lips together so many times and it would eventually take off your liquid lipstick,” but that doesn’t happen with this.  She says it looks cooler in person than it does on her viewfinder… but how is that even possible?? It already looks SO COOL.









At 4:15 she tries out “Infamous,” which also doesn’t look that metallic, but after pressing her lips together at 4:56, surprise surprise, it’s really glittery.  She says she was expecting more of a pink shimmer, but it’s more of a “purple, silvery amethyst,” which I’m on board with.









Up next at 5:26 is “Forbidden,” a dark red that applies pretty berry on the lips.  She says this one applies a little bit patchy and she had to go over certain sections a few times to try to make it even, but aside from that she really likes the color, and that it also looks more metallic that the first two.  She does a “kiss test” on the back of her hand at 6:21 and notes that they don’t transfer.  At 6:23, she activates the glitter, and while it’s pretty, she says she “would have liked a different kind of shift” and that “this one is really nice, but it’s not my favorite.”









At 6:40 is “Siren,” which is a really cool teal color that I’m excited about.  Upon initial application, it’s “definitely metallic.” She does the color flip at 7:25 and while it’s cool, she notices that pressing her lips together did take off a little bit of the lipstick when she first put her lips together, but it’s nothing too noticeable.









At 7:55 she tries “Hollywood,” which she describes as a “beautiful holiday Christmas red.”  Upon initial application, it looks like it has pink glitter in it.  Straight off the bat, this color actually really reminds me of the JS “Rich Blood” color I first mentioned – even before activation, this has more glitter than when I tried to “activate” the JS shade, so I’m interested to see how it looks after the flip.  She presses her lips together at 8:22 and it turns into everything I wanted “Rich Blood” to be and more.  Even though she says she loves it, she notices it does transfer a little bit, especially at the corners of her mouth and onto the back of her hand during a kiss test.









“Fortune” is at 8:53, a “dark dark purple” that looks like it has “little blue and purple glitters.”  We’ve already seen this from Laura, but Kathleen says it reminds her of Anastasia’s “Potion.”  At 9:18, she says what she likes about them is that they’re metallic without being frosty.  She says the only thing she doesn’t like, which she’s noticed with every single color, is that little specks stay on her teeth.  At 9:40 she does the flip and says, “this one is so intense.”  She says, “it wasn’t patchy going on the way Forbidden was patchy… this one went on really smooth.”









At 10:09, she tries “Iconic,” which is the first shade Laura tried in her video.  She thinks it looks similar to “Fortune,” but deeper and more blue, and it has blue sparkles in it with a navy blue base.  After putting it on, she realizes it looks absolutely nothing like “Fortune.” She says it has a little bit of a metallic shift, but you don’t really see the glitters too much.  She flips the switch (trying to “switch” it up a little here… haha #sweatdrop) at 10:45, noting how intense it is.

In her final first impression thoughts at 11:11, she says there are only a couple of cons, mainly that some of the little particles get into her teeth.  She says they don’t feel very drying, but they look a little drying on her lips, but that she has super dry lips right now.  She says they’re “not extremely wearable for everyday,” but they’re “innovative and they’re really unique and fun.”  She leaves “Iconic” on to test during the day and in her description box, the update is listed as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.36.55 PM.png



These are really, really, reaaally cool, IMO.  I think the only thing that would trip me up about these are not pressing my lips together before they’re dry because I tend to press my lips together during liquid lipstick application to get a more even spread, but for this, I could suck it up.








On the Sephora mobile app (because for some reason I can’t seem to pull up review comments on the website itself), this has 45 reviews and has 4.3 stars.  Most people seem to really like this, but caveats are that it seems to be a little drying.  One review notes that “layering coats one after the other causes it to pill up around the corner of your mouth and become a nuisance.”

I noticed the negative reviews brought up some points made by the YouTubers above.  For example, the “Let Down” review cites the “subtle” glitter effect in “Candy” as being part of the let down, but from what we’ve seen in the video reviews, “Candy” seems to be meant to be more subtle in terms of the glitter payoff.  I’m not surprised at all at the fact that people note it to be slightly drying given that 1.) It’s a liquid lipstick and 2.) It contains glitter, so if you’re someone who’s bothered by drying products (which I’m really not), this might not be for you.


As for the whole “#worldsfirst” thing that’s being touted here, I guess this is the world’s first matte metallic-to-glitter product I’ve ever seen actually work, even though Rich Blood came before these.  Then again, Rich Blood was never really marketed as a “transforming” product, but a liquid lipstick that just so happened to have a bit of glitter in it that might show better if you rub your lips.

All in all, if you can’t tell, I really want to try this.  If only I hadn’t blown my makeup budget for the month… 😅

What about you guys – what are your thoughts?


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