5 Other Uses for Silicone Makeup Applicators (Besides Foundation)

Since the launch of the “Silisponge,” silicone makeup applicators have been all over the internet since last year.  Here are five uses for these applicators OTHER THAN foundation application for those who bought into the hype only to discover that this product might not actually work as well as originally intended…

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Ever since the “Silisponge” hit Instagram in November of last year, silicone “beauty blenders” have been all the rage for applying foundation.  The original, made by Molly Cosmetics, promised to make a little dab of product go a longer way as it wouldn’t absorb any product like a brush or traditional blending sponge would, as well as be more hygienic overall as there is no need for “messy fingers” and clean up is a breeze.

The original Silisponge – as pictured on the Molly Cosmetics website

The original Silisponge currently retails for $9.90 on the Molly Cosmetics website, but now over a year later, there are tons of other options – a search of “silicon makeup applicator” on Amazon yields a plethora of virtually identical & cheaper options, many of which even come in a multi-pack for a price less than just buying one of the Silisponge itself with the added benefit of free two-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime like moi.

Although I’ve seen tons and tons of mixed reviews on YouTube about this kind of makeup applicator, it wasn’t until now that I finally let my curiosity talk me into actually buying it.  One of the reasons why it took me so long to board this train is because I don’t wear foundation on a regular basis.  In fact, I would say that I maybe wear it once a month if I’m going out or something, but if you’ve read my blog before, you probably know this already.  In the ~humble beginnings~ of this pretty innovative product when the Silisponge was the basically the only option, I wasn’t looking to wait basically forever for it to arrive as one of the the complaints of many of the beauty bloggers who were quick to review this was that shipping took five-ever.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.01.40 PM.png

A quick peek at the website reveals that it still, in fact, takes five-ever, unless you want to shell out $80 for Express Airmail from Singapore.  Otherwise, if you’re sitting in economy class like I am, this train isn’t leaving for anywhere between 10-21 working days.  Remember when I mentioned Amazon?  Luckily, we are now in the age of enlightenment in which you can get a 3-pack from Amazon for $5.98, which is exactly what I did, and awaaaay we go!

3 Pack Silicone Makeup Sponge$5.98

I figured that if I wasn’t going to use this for foundation, maybe I could use this for concealer instead.  Again, I was pretty skeptical because of the wide range of outcomes from the reviews I’d watched (some people love this, others hate it), but I am a firm believer in “don’t knock it ’till you try it,” so I wanted to at least give it a go before I knocked it.

Unfortunately, I seemed to be in the category of people who kind of hated really disliked the outcome.  I usually use an Ecotools sponge sprayed with a little bit of setting spray to dampen it a bit to blend out my concealer, which gives me an easy, smooth application under my eyes, none of which I got from this silicone applicator.  Instead of blending this in, it just kind of moved my concealer around, making my under-eye area look really weird and patchy.  Overall… would not recommend.


Now that I had three of these suckers on my hands and basically no reason to use them anymore, I felt a bit stumped.  I didn’t want my $5.98 to go to waste, so I began thinking of other alternatives for these guys.  Here are some I came up with (& tested!)

1.) Face Mask Application


If you’re like me and hate using your fingers to apply face masks, this might be the use for you.  I actually preferred this method to apply a face mask over a brush, which I would normally use, just because it covers more surface area, is easier to clean, and actually does make the product go a longer way… go figure!

TBH this is also just really fun to use because it feels very soft against the skin and I am HERE for it.

2.) Makeup “Palette”

Unless you somehow have an exact-matching shade of foundation (witchcraft), chances are you have to mix foundations to get your perfect shade.  One of the things I used to hate about wearing foundation on the reg was the fact that I would mix the shades on the back of my hand and if I forgot to wash my hand right away after application, I would have this splotch of foundation that was pretty hard to get off once it dried stuck on there.

There are makeup mixing palettes out there for this exact reason, but I never bothered to get one.  If you happen to have one of these silicone applicators, they would definitely do the job just fine – they have a flat surface, are easy to clean, and are pretty travel-friendly, so there you have it.  The only caveat is that since they’re a bit on the tinier side, you don’t have much area to work with, so you wouldn’t be able to go all that crazy with the product if you’re a crazy gal or guy.

3.) Smooth Out Deodorant

This might be a weird one, but stay with me…


Have you ever had a deodorant “crumble” on you after you’ve applied it? Instead of wiping it away with toilet paper or paper towel, which is what I usually do, you can use one of these silicone applicators to “buff in” your deodorant and smooth the product back out.  This way, you’re not removing any of the product, which is probably better for yourself and those around you, and you’re not getting any toilet paper “residue” left over, which looks equally as bad as the crumbles in the first place.  I’d say that’s a win-win.

4.) Press Broken Powders

The opposite of what this trick hopes to achieve

Similar to #3, you can also use this to press down any broken powders you may have.  I’m sure you know the whole rubbing alcohol + busted compact trick where you take a broken powder of any variety (be it eyeshadow, powder foundation, etc.), add a little bit of rubbing alcohol to it to make a paste, and then “mash” the concoction back into place – instead of using plastic wrap (as this particular tutorial suggests) or a tissue/paper towel (as this tutorial suggests), you could also use this silicone applicator.

It won’t absorb product like a tissue or paper towel would and since it’s thicker than plastic wrap it’ll have a more “stable” press, meaning that it would probably be more even.  Since it has a squishy texture, it would also be able to press a variety of different shaped pans!

5.) “Bounce In” Eye Cream

Sorry this is just so fun to watch

Just because this didn’t work for under-eye concealer doesn’t mean it’s banished from my under-eye area entirely! When I put on my eye cream at night I like to “tap” it in with my finger because I read in this article that rather than pulling or stretching the delicate skin around the eye, tapping in eye cream improves circulation.

As I said in Alternative #1, this applicator feels really nice and soft against the skin, so it’s perfect for tapping in or more appropriately “bouncing” eye cream in.  I personally like to put some eye cream directly on the applicator’s edge and look up while gently bouncing it under my eye area – it’s super quick and it adds a little bit of ~excitement~ to eye cream application!

Overall, although these aren’t necessarily great for applying makeup itself (IMO), other uses for them do exist, so if you happened to go the non-dupe route and either waited 10-21 working days OR paid $80 for Express Airmail for the original Silisponge (ouch), all your sacrifices are not for naught.

What do you think of these applicators – have you used them for foundation?


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*Disclaimer: I purchased all above product(s) with my own money and am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned (I wish!).  As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise)!

7 thoughts on “5 Other Uses for Silicone Makeup Applicators (Besides Foundation)

    • Thank you so much! I was really disappointed by the results I got using it for concealer, yet at the same time somehow not surprised – I was determined to make it work though! I think my favorite use is for face masks because it actually feels really fun on my skin haha 💆🏻

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      • I really think it does! I HATE using my hands for face mask so I’ve been using a silicon brush, but I prefer the Silisponge because it has more surface area so it’s quicker and makes for a more even application, which is key for drying time!


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