Eyeshadow Swatches: BH Cosmetics x Shaaanxo Palette

It’s a rainy day here in Italy, so instead of writing this paper like I’m supposed to be doing, I’ve decided to brighten my mood by doing some eyeshadow swatches!  Check out this post to see close-up swatches of all 9 shades in this palette!

Featured Image.png

Today I’ll be showing swatches for the Shaaanxo 18 Color Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette done in collaboration with BH Cosmetics, which retails for $14.50.  Even though this is billed as both an eyeshadow and lipstick palette, you may have noticed that the title of this post only says “eyeshadow swatches”… that’s because I’ve never actually touched the lipsticks in this palette and have no plans of doing so.

*Plays “Like a Virgin”*

I’m not sure what it is about lipstick that comes in palettes, but it kind of freaks me out, probably due to the texture of it.  I also never got onto the whole applying lipstick with a brush thing, and I’m not willing to use my fingers either, so the lipstick half of this palette doesn’t really float my boat.  Plus, I always touch up my lipstick on the go and I think I’d get some weird looks if I just pulled a palette out to do so.

That being said, I do really enjoy the eyeshadow portion of this palette.  Because I have a decent amount of other eyeshadow palettes, I honestly do reach for this very often, but I think it’s a really good drugstore option for people who like to wear rose gold tones on the reg during the day, yet want a palette with a few darker shades to transition into night.


The palette itself has four matte shadows and five metallic shadows – from the swatches above, which show one swipe of product, you can see that the metallic shadows are more opaque than the matte shadows, but I’ll get more into that in the individual close ups of the shadows.

Also… you’ll have to excuse me for my lack of creativity on the labels here.  The shadows aren’t named, so I’ll be referring to them by their position in the palette.  This whole experience felt like some kind of strange game of LCR.


1. Top Left

  • Finish: Matte
  • Opacity: As you can see from the swatches, this shadow is pretty sheer
  • Texture: I wouldn’t call this chalky, but it definitely is one of the driest ones in the pan – it has the tendency to bunch up on itself when you try to swatch too much of the product at once, which makes application a bit uneven and patchy
  • Color Description: I would describe this as a warm creamy color

2. Top Center

  • Finish: Metallic
  • Opacity: Slightly sheer on one swipe
  • Texture: I wouldn’t describe this as being “buttery,” but it’s a lot more creamy than the first shadow and doesn’t bunch up on itself and applies evenly
  • Color Description: Light rose gold

3. Top Right

  • Finish: Metallic
  • Opacity: Pretty opaque on one swipe
  • Texture: Same as previous
  • Color Description: Rosey red with coppery undertones

4. Middle Left

  • Finish: Matte
  • Opacity: Slightly sheer on one swipe, but not as sheer as the Top Left shadow
  • Texture: Slightly dryer than Top Center and Top Right, yet not as dry as Top Left; this doesn’t bunch up, but is slightly uneven
  • Color Description: Burnt, dandelion yellow with orange undertones

5. Middle Center

  • Finish: Metallic
  • Opacity: Fully opaque on one swipe
  • Texture: Same as Top Center and Top Right
  • Color Description: Warm copper brown

6. Middle Right

  • Finish: Matte
  • Opacity: Almost fully opaque on one swipe
  • Texture: By far the least dry of the mattes; this one is decently even
  • Color Description: Terracotta rich red

7. Bottom Left

  • Finish: Metallic
  • Opacity: Fully opaque on one swipe
  • Texture: Same as all previous metallics
  • Color Description: True brown with cooler undertones

8. Bottom Center

  • Finish: Metallic
  • Opacity: Almost fully opaque on one swipe
  • Texture: Same as all previous metallics
  • Color Description: In the pan, it looks like teal color with some red/eggplant flecks, but swatched on its own on bare skin, it pulls more red with a slight teal reflect.  If this were over a darker base, it would probably look more true to pan, but I haven’t worn it like that yet!

9. Bottom Right

  • Finish: Matte
  • Opacity: Not very opaque on one swipe and pretty uneven – I think this is my least favorite shadow out of the bunch, tbh
  • Texture: Dry, slightly chalky
  • Color Description: Dark, gray-based brown

OVERALL: I’d say even though I’m not really feeling the Top Left cream color and Bottom Right dark brown color, I think this is still a pretty good palette.  Although the Middle Left yellow isn’t fully opaque, it’s a really unique color and would work well blending out the crease or as a transition shade, and I really like the richness of the red Middle Right shade.  I enjoy all the metallics – especially the Top Right rosey red shade.

At $14.50 per shadow, this is a sweet deal – it’s an even sweeter deal if you like lipstick palettes, but that’s just not how I live my life.


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*Disclaimer: I purchased all above product(s) with my own money and am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned (I wish!).  As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise)!

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