Travel Vlog: Tour of Austria

The adventure continues with a Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, Austria and a boat tour of the beautiful lakes of St. Wolfgang!

So I’ve been in Piacenza, Italy for about a week now and I’m definitely behind on vlogs, partially because of the Wifi, and partially because I’ve been so busy now that I started my language class! Actual classes begin on the 12th, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up by then!

This vlog starts in Salzburg, Austria with a Sound of Music Tour.  This 4-hour tour was something I’ve always wanted to do since I’ve seen the movie approximately a million times.  It was pretty informative and our tour guide gave a lot of back story to the making of the movie, as well as the life of the real Maria von Trapp.  I felt pretty proud of myself for knowing everything already since I read the book The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, which is a memoir written by Maria von Trapp.  If you’re into the movie, I highly recommend reading the book; plus, if you ever make it to Salzburg, you can sit smugly on the bus like me!

Me on the tour bus.

The first stop on the tour was Schloss Leopoldskron, the palace with the terrace that sits on the lake Maria and the kids fall into when the Captain returns home from his trip.  Although used for the lake scenes, the movie actually used a different villa for the actual shots with the house in the background called Frohnburg Palace.  We never actually got to stop at Frohnburg Palace, but we drove past it, along with the Convent on Nonnberg. We did get to stop at Hellbrunn Castle, which is where the gazebo from the movie has been relocated to.  While they used the outside of the gazebo for most shots, the interior was actually just built on sound stage since they needed a bigger space for the dancing scene in “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”!

The movie church!

Next, we went to Mondsee, which is home to the church where Maria and the Captain get married in the movie.  They didn’t actually get married in this church IRL, but it was still beautiful and the architecture was really cool.  Mondsee had a lot of really cute pastel-colored buildings and had some great Apfelstrudel.  I probably ate one for every meal I had in Austria.  Nbd.

Mirabell Gardens

The tour concluded in Mirabell Gardens, which is where most of “Do Re Me” was filmed.  You might recognize the fountain in the middle if you’ve seen the movie – not picture here are the steps that the song ends on, as well as the arch that they go under in their curtain clothes.

After this tour, we hopped right on another tour of the lakes of St. Wolfgang.  This was also 4 hours long (starting to feel a bit like Gilligan here) and started in Salzburg, with most of it taking place on the boat.

St. Wolfgang

I was amazed by how blue the water was – apparently, the special turquoise color comes from the limestone that runs off the mountains that surrounds the lake and the town.  The lake was lined by a bunch of hotels and was filled with people just chilling out on tubes and on boats.  It kind of reminded me of whenever you would use Surf in a Pokemon game and come across trainers just randomly floating in the ocean – luckily, there were no Tentacools stopping us every five seconds on this lake.

The town itself was really cute and had another beautiful church.  The views were incredible (as seen in my Insta above) and I had the best sausage of my life here.  In my vlog you might notice that wall of Cuckoo clocks… my mom actually ended up buying one!

It was a really long day, but I saw some of the most beautiful places I had ever seen in my life.  If I went back to Salzburg again (and I hope I do!) I would definitely do both the tours again.  The company that did both these tours (Panorama Tours) also offered a bunch of other tours, so hopefully I can go back for long enough to do all of them! Although they were both pretty pricey (to the tune of €42 per person), you learn and see a lot on them.

My next vlog will be in Innsbruck, Austria! Stay tuned to see me running around on top of a mountain!

PS: If you want to see my previous vlog post, click here!

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  1. Salzburg is excellent and is a great place for a honeymoon (like i did). I wish i had also been to the mirabell gardens however we went skiing. My freind went with Tempston Luxury


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