Travel Vlog: Zurich, Switzerland + Salzburg, Austria

So I’ve been in Europe for almost five days and Zurich was my first stop.  I’ve been meaning to upload this vlog, but the Wifi hasn’t been so great (as mentioned in my Things I Learned in Austria post), and I had to leave my computer running overnight just to get this to upload!

I was only in Zurich for a day, but the weather was great and it was beautiful.  I was impressed by their public transportation system, as well as how clean the city was in general!

Also featured in this video is my first day in Salzburg, Austria.  I got to take a lift to the top of the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which was really cool and had some great views.

Watch the travel vlog above to see my adventures in Zurich & Salzburg! Next vlog upload (when I can mentally prepare myself for that loading time again) will be for more in Austria!

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