First Impression: Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter | Golden Lights

I recently picked up the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights – read more to find out if I had a glowing first impression on it! (someone please laugh at that lame joke)

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Before I begin: I’d just like to let you all know that I’m currently listening to “Hellfire” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so this is seeming like the most cinematically dramatic first impression I’ve ever written.

When it comes to highlighter, I’m definitely a rookie, but I’m trying my best in the pre-season to be ready for opening day.  I’m not sure what opening day is.  I was trying to be relevant here.  Nevermind.


Moving on: a few weeks ago, I did a post on a Mini ULTA Haul, in which I picked up the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Radiant Lights. I was super impressed with the pigmentation and the shimmerocity (?? this isn’t a word apparently) – it was only $6 and after comparing it to my Too Faced Candelight Glow Highlighting powder, I initially thought I actually preferred the Makeup Revolution option.  After wearing it a bunch, I’m happy to report that I’ve been reaching for it every time I wear highlight (which tbh isn’t that often but I’m trying!!!).  I am unhappy to report that I still spent $30 on the Too Faced one seemingly for nothing…

Anyway, since I was so impressed with Radiant Lights and I’m trying to grow my highlighter collection, I figured why not try out another one? The other two options were Peach Lights and Golden Lights, and since I’m more of a ~Gold Gal~, I decided to opt for the gold option.


As before, I picked this up at ULTA.  Like the true innovator I am, I’ve decided to add a “mini logistical breakdown” (wow that sounds boring) to my first impressions:

Price: $6.00
Description: Golden Lights: You’re Golden, as long as you have this powder on your side. With a yellow-gold sheen, this highlighter is ideal for medium to deep skin tones.

I would consider my skintone on the reg to be light/medium and more medium in the summer when I get a little bit of a tan going on.  In the pan, this just looks white – I’m dubious that this will give me a “yellow-gold” sheen when it looks like a pressed baby powder.  I decide to give the folks at Makeup Revolution the benefit of the doubt; surely they know what they’re doing over there!


After swatching, I’m mystified by this witchcraft.  This deceptively white powder does give off a yellow-gold sheen! Above is one swipe in the pan – like Radiant Lights, this one is also super pigmented.  It’s a baked product, so it isn’t soft, but it doesn’t feel overly dry or scratchy on my finger.


This highlight is really interesting because straight-on it definitely looks like a gold-tinted pearl, but when you move it around a little bit, you can start to see more of the yellow peeking through.

I decided to compare it to Radiant Lights just to see what the shade difference is:


I’m not sure if it’s just how I swatched them, or if it’s just the kind of pigments in them, but Golden Lights seems to have more color payoff than radiant lights.  You can see that Radiant Lights definitely pulls more pink and Golden Lights is a lot more, well, golden.


Swatched on the arm, you can kind of see what I’m talking about – doesn’t Golden Lights seem a little more opaque? Maybe I swirled the Radiant Lights finger around with a little less pressure, or maybe it’s just the way it looks against my skin.  Regardless, they’re both still pretty pigmented.

Now, because I couldn’t resist, I had to compare Golden Lights to my Too Faced Candelight Glow in Warm Glow like I did for Radiant Lights.  I’m just trying to be a good parent here and not favor one child over the other, even though I clearly don’t favor the Too Faced one anymore.  @TooFaced I still love you, I promise!

LtR: Makeup Revolution Golden Lights, Too Faced Candelight Glow Warm Glow, Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights

I’m going to try the same naming conventions as in my ULTA First Impressions.  For reference, MR = Makeup Revolution, TF = Too Faced, and “Right,” “Left,” and “Mixed” refers to the sides of Too Faced’s pan since it’s a duo.  Left is the more goldy color, right is the more pinky color, and mixed is them swirled together.  I know it’s revolutionary.


As you can see above, Too Faced definitely isn’t as pigmented as Makeup Revolution.  The powder is very soft and luxurious-feeling, but I’m never the type to do anything subtly.  I’m extra as hell and that requires an extra-type highlight.

Too Faced doesn’t have too much shade variation between the different shades IMO once actually swatched on the arm. Golden Lights is more reminiscent of the shades mixed together, but I wouldn’t say either of these Makeup Revolution shades are “dupes” for the Too Faced highlight.

Overall First Impression: I lowkey love this highlight.  I know I haven’t known it for that long, but I think we can start taking the next step in our relationship aka me actually wearing it on my face.  ULTA promised that I’d be golden as long as I have this powder on my side, but…


Whoops.  That was definitely inspired by Hunchback.

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*Disclaimer: I purchased all above product(s) with my own money and am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned (I wish!).  As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise)!

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