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In which I tried my hand at the “Make Your Own Eyeshadow Palette” tag!

Inferno Palette

Like every other makeup lover, I often dream of making my own makeup collection.  I was talking to one of my friends, who’s actually currently writing a book based on Greek mythology, and was inspired to make my own eyeshadow palette. I believe this is a tag already – I’m not that creative!


The names and shades in this palette are based both on the Underworld in Greek mythology and the Inferno (or Hell) from “Dante’s Inferno,” a section of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy (or Divina Commedia, for all you Italian folks).

I appropriately titled this palette the “Underworld Inferno Palette” (wish I could think of a more creative name!).  I took shadows that actually exist IRL and, with a little help from Photoshop, popped them into one all-inclusive palette that I wish I actually owned.

The Cover

Inferno Palette Cover

The cover itself is plain black with a satiny texture (similar to the Smashbox palettes).  “Underworld” and “Palette” are both written in glossy white, with “Inferno” in a metallic gold leaf that fades into a red leaf when moved back and forth in the light.

The Shadows

Inferno Palette Shadows

Choosing the colors in this palette (and the names) were a little bit of a challenge.  I myself love warm shades;  I’m a sucker for golds and coppers, but I know a palette can’t all be golds and coppers.  I’m also getting more into greens and blues, so I thought I’d pop some of those in there as well!

Here are the shades with their finishes, the explanations behind their names and color choice, and what shadow they actually are!

Top Row
Elysium (Frost)
: This frosty warm-toned white shadow is inspired by Elysium, where those chosen by the Gods enjoy a heavenly afterlife in what the Odyssey describes as a “paradise” // Urban Decay Zephyr

Limbo (Matte): This gray-toned brown is reminiscent of the First Circle in the “Inferno” and is inspired by the walls of the Citadel that Dante first comes upon when he arrives // LORAC Taupe

Purgatorio (Satin): This gray/brown satin is based on the rock of the Mount of Purgatory, the second part of the Divine Comedy, which Dante climbs to reach the Earthly Paradise  // Urban Decay Desperation

Secondo (Matte): This dark berry color is inspired by the Second Circle, where those who are overcome with lust reside – Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and Paris are among its citizens // Anastasia Love Letter

Inferno (Sparkle): This sparkly copper red reflects the flames Dante encounters in the later Circles of his Inferno // Sephora + Pantone Universe Marsala Glitter

Dis (Matte): This rich red is named after the City of Dis, which encompasses the Sixth through Eighth Circles.  The shade is after the high towers that Dante describes as resembling “fiery red mosques” upon his approach to the city // Make Up For Ever #99

Tartarus (Matte): This dark black is named after the Greek deity and the abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering and as the prison for the Titans // Makeup Geek Corrupt

Bottom Row
Virgil (Matte): This pure white is named after the Roman poet and author of the Aeneid who guides Dante on his journey through the Underworld // Inglot #318

Vestibule (Pearl): This pearlized copper is inspired by the gates Dante passes through when making his way across the Vestibule to reach the ferry that will take them to Hell proper // Make Up For Ever ME654 Cauldron

Paradiso (Sparkle): This yellow gold is reflective of the golden gates of “Paradiso”, the third and final part of the Divine Comedy // Too Faced Golden Nugget

Asphodel (Metallic): This metallic green is inspired by the Asphodel Meadows, where average souls go after death // BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes #5

Cantos (Matte): When the poem begins in Cantos I-II, Dante finds himself lost in a dark wood, whose trees were the inspiration for this deep green shade // Kat Von D Safe (Define)

Cocytus (Matte): This bright blue is named after the large frozen lake encountered in the Ninth Circle, where the treacherous are punished by being trapped in ice // Illamasqua Victim

Styx (Matte): This shade is named after the River Styx, which serves as the boundary between Earth and the Underworld in Greek Mythology.  In the “Inferno,” the river marks the beginning of the Fifth Circle.  Dante describes it as being “swampy,” with the sullen lying beneath its surface // NARS China Blue

And there you have it! I had a lot of fun making this palette – if only I could actually create it!

If you haven’t already, you should definitely take a shot at this tag! What would theme would you go with when making your own palette?

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11 thoughts on “Tag: Make Your Own Eyeshadow Palette – The Underworld Inferno Palette

  1. I am also all over the golds and coppers. I’m planning which shades I want in my Z Palette right now and it’s basically all golds and light browns. I need to put some more dark reds and purples in there too. Vestibule is such a cute name for that gorgeous color!

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  2. I’d buy this because of its top row. The colour selection there is amazing! Second row isn’t much of my thing, but the top row is a dream! *.* ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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