Tip: How to Add Paragraph Spacing to your Instagram Captions

Tired of messy-looking Instagram captions? Here’s how to add paragraph spacing!


If you’re like me, you’ve probably scrolled more miles through your Instagram feed than you’ve walked on foot.  I may not lift, but I bet my thumbs are pretty jacked.  I don’t mean to brag – I’m just saying.


Anyways, Instagram has a pretty sweet gig going on with the filters and all (even though it’s trying to be Snapchat all of a sudden…), but one thing that’s always bothered me is how jumbled my captions look.  It doesn’t matter how choice my filter is or if I managed to scrape together the perfect combination of emojis – without the ability to format, my whole ~aesthetic~ is ruined.


Prior to Instagram finally discovering itself and deciding to shed its old logo to be born anew in May of this year, there was apparently a way to add spacing on iOS by going into your Notes, putting in paragraph spacing in there, and then just copying and pasting that back into the Instagram caption.  Sadly, after Instagram reinventing itself, along with trying to reassure us that it isn’t just a phase, it took away that capability – at least on iOS.  Android users can still apparently do this.  Yes, I’m bitter, but all is not lost.  I still wouldn’t ever get an Android. #AppleGrl4Lyfe


I decided that I, too, should probably get myself together, and what better way to become a better adult than working on my Instagram captions? With a little help from Google, I managed to pull a Christopher Columbus and discover what somebody else had already discovered: a work-around to the paragraph spacing.


Here’s an example of my latest Instagram above (it’s swatches of the BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks, which I’ve actually done a First Impressions on and a Wear Test of if you want to check those posts out!).  As you can see, the caption is kind of messy, and everything is jumbled together.  To neaten things up, I decided to follow the instructions I found online and get down to business.


First thing I did was just click “edit” in Instagram – this method is almost a little bit more convenient because you don’t need to finesse it in Notes.


I decided I wanted my spacing to be after “Lipstick” and before “LtR.”  As you can see above, I delete the spaces so “Lipstick” and “LtR” look like one word.



After, I hit “return” twice so there was an empty paragraph between the first line and the second line.  “Return” doesn’t show up on the first page in Instagram like it does when you’re on your regular texting keyboard – to find it, hit the “123” in the bottom left corner and it’ll be on the numbers page on  your bottom right.

If you stop here and try to save, it’ll just go back to looking how it originally was.  The “unfortunate” aspect of this method is that you have to have some kind of character “holding” the line break for you in between the lines you want to separate:



You should be able to use any kind of character/symbol here (i.e. a period or a comma), but I went with the little bullet point thing above the backspace.  To get to this keyboard, click the “#+=” button right above ABC when you’re in the numbers keyboard.  Whatever symbol you choose should have no space in front of it.

I repeated the same steps since I wanted to separate my hashtags from the rest of the lines.  I deleted the space between “Endora” and “#bhcosmetics,” pressed enter twice, and put another little bullet point dot in.  My final result was three separate lines, broken up by two bullet point spacers in between:


And there you have it! In my opinion, it looks so much cleaner than what I had before.  I wish you didn’t need to have a little spacer in, but it’s a tiny price to pay for more organization.  One caveat is that if you want to embed an Insta on desktop, formatting doesn’t stay for the preview (as you can see below):



Formatting does hold once you click in to the actual Insta though, and it always holds in the Instagram app, so hey – I’m happy.

I guess I should also take this opportunity to promote my socials because why not? If you want to find me on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin, and Facebook, my handle is @tricksandtrucco.  I’ll also leave some links below if you’re interested in checking me out on those platforms!

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Comment down below if you know of any other Instagram tricks! (Or if you followed me on anything so I can follow you back!)

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6 thoughts on “Tip: How to Add Paragraph Spacing to your Instagram Captions

  1. Thanks for the awesome tips! I struggle with this, really. Now I see how to do it, or at least I think I do. I will have to practice to get to make it perfect. Added you to my Instagram and twitter. Thanks again!

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