What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be going to Disney soon, and that means it’s time to play Survivor: Makeup Edition.  Read more to find out which products I decided to bring with me on vacation!

For those of you who don’t know, I’ll be going to Disney soon, and that means it’s time to play Survivor: Makeup Edition and decide which products to bring with me on vacation.


Despite my decently-sized makeup collection, I tend to stick to the basics in the summer.  And by basics, I just mean that unless I have somewhere fancy to be, I completely cut out my face makeup, which includes foundation, bronzer, contour, and (for the most part) highlight.  Sometimes I do like to pop some highlight on, but lbr: my summer highlight is usually that nice sheen of sweat on my cheeks.

“Is that Becca?” they ask me.

The Tools
Makeup brushes can be pretty bulky, so I like to try to keep it pretty minimal here:


  1. Deluxe Fluff 600 Brush – Senna ($18.50)
    • I like to use this brush to set my eyeshadow (more on this later)
  2. Contour Brush – Real Techniques (Part of the Core Collection, $18)
    • Instead of contour, I like to use this to set my under eye concealer with powder
  3. Miracle Complexion Sponge – Real Techniques ($6)
    • I prefer to use sponges (dampened) to blend out my under eye concealer
  4. ProMaster Lash Curler – Tweezerman ($22)
    • Nothing too groundbreaking here – used to curl lashes (my lashes are very sad and very straight)

Face Makeup
Next, the foundation (pun intended) – the face! Although I don’t like to wear any actual face makeup, I do have a few essentials I always bring with me:

Face Makeup

  1. Instant Age Rewind Concealer, Neutralizer – Maybelline ($6.99)
    • Although the bags under my eyes are designer, I still like to cover them as not to flaunt my status.  This yellow-toned neutralizer shade is great for neutralizing (hence the name) dark blue circles under the eyes.
  2. No Color Powder – RCMA ($12)
    • This powder is an all-around must have for me.  I like to use it to set my under eye concealer, my cream shadows, and it’s also useful for the T-zone for days I don’t feel like looking like an actual sweaty mess.  Since this container is kind of an inconvenience to travel with, I’ve repurposed the empty container under it from bareMinerals and poured the powder into there.  The bareMinerals container is a lot smaller and has a sifter, making it more travel-friendly.
  3. Makeup Mist & Set – e.l.f. Cosmetics ($3)
    • Instead of using this to set my entire face, I like to use this spray to dampen my Real Techniques sponge to blend out my under eye concealer.  It makes blending so much easier, plus this spray actually smells pretty good (and it’s cheap)
  4. Age Shield Face Lotion, SPF 70 – Neutrogena ($11.99)
    • Although this isn’t actually makeup, face sunscreen is super important during the summer months – especially when you’re spending all your time outside like I’ll be doing in Disney.  A heads up on this product: it’s been known to cause some breakouts; I personally haven’t noticed any changes with my skin, but that might be something to keep in mind before trying this particular sunscreen
    • UPDATE: Haha spoke too soon… It broke me out. I’m going to try the Paula’s Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen. I’ve heard good things about this brand, so hopefully this will go a little bit better…

Eye Makeup
I like to bring cream shadows (like the Colourpop ones I have listed below) with me on vacation because I don’t need to bring any brushes (they work best with a finger) and because I don’t have to be bothered with having to blend with any other shadow (they basically blend themselves out).

I also am a crazy person when it comes to mascara, which is why I have two listed.

Eye Makeup

  1. Super Shock Shadow, Wattles – Colourpop Cosmetics ($5)
    • This is a really pretty dusty beige pink that looks surprisingly “natural” on me.  This one is super easy to wear because it’s a no-fuss shadow and really hard to screw up.  The only thing with these shadows is that I have to set them with powder, otherwise my eyeliner will transfer to my browbone since I have hooded eyes.
  2. Super Shock Shadow, Weenie – Colourpop Cosmetics ($5)
    • This is a rose gold with a pearlized finish – this is also super easy to wear, but it’s a little more amped up than Wattles (for days when I’m feeling extra fancy)
  3. Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara – Too Faced ($23)
    • Again, I’m a crazy person when it comes to mascara.  On a normal day, I could wear 3 different mascaras, but I try to tame myself a little bit on vacation.  I like to use this particular mascara on my top lashes. Regardless of what kind of mascara it is, I wear exclusively waterproof mascaras because they tend to hold a curl better. Waterproof formulas are also super handy if you’re going somewhere hot and humid (like Orlando) as they won’t smudge.
  4. The Super Sizer by LashBlast Waterproof Mascara – CoverGirl ($6.85)
    • I like to use this mascara on my bottom lashes because it has a pretty thin wand.  I’m a clumsy person, so when it comes to bottom lashes for me, the thinner the wand, the better.
  5. Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Black – Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics ($6.99)
    • I wear winged liner basically every day, and going on vacation doesn’t stop me from doing that.  This is my all-time favorite eyeliner because it’s inexpensive, it’s super pigmented, and the felt tip makes doing wings easy and painless
  6. Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner – Skinn Cosmetics ($18)
    • I like to wear nude colors on my lower water line because it makes my eyes look a little bit bigger and because it makes it look like I’ve gotten 6 hours of sleep instead of my usual 3.  This liner, paired with a cup of coffee in the morning, does wonders to the soul.

Lip Products
I have a bit of a liquid lipstick obsession.  Some may think it’s unhealthy how many I have, but I can’t help the lure of a good red lipstick.  Since I have so many, I feel obligated to wear them.  Even on vacation.


  1. Moisturizer Original – Chapstick ($1.49)
    • This isn’t a lipstick per-say, but it’s what I use as my base before applying lipsticks.  Liquid lipsticks tend to be more drying, so it’s important to moisturize beforehand.  This chapstick also has SPF, which is an added bonus.
  2. Liquid Lipstick, Spicy – Anastasia Beverly Hills ($20)
    • This is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks at the moment. It looks more red in the picture, but in person, it tends to lean more neon orange, which is what I like.  This formula isn’t very drying and this lipstick lasts a decently long time on me, even with food and drink, and doesn’t really transfer.
  3. Velour Liquid Lipstick, Redrum – Jeffree Star Cosmetics ($18)
    • This is a cool-toned red that actually feels kind of moisturizing (it’s strange). This isn’t completely transfer-proof, but it does last a decently long time.
  4. Delight Tony Tint, #2 Red – TONYMOLY ($6)
    • For days when I’m feeling more lazy, I like to use lip tints.  This tint by TONYMOLY is pretty pigmented and lasts all day.  It feels lightweight, isn’t drying, and can be topped with a Chapstick.

…and that’s it.

Ok, so this may seem overkill to some people, but I really like makeup.  Like, really like makeup. To me, this is minimal, and it all conveniently fits in one makeup bag, so happy vacationing, and may your eyeliner always be even!


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*Disclaimer: I purchased all above product(s) with my own money and am not affiliated with or compensated by any of the brands mentioned (I wish!).  As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise)!

9 thoughts on “What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

    • It’s a great powder & you get a lot for what you pay for it! I actually bought mine for $10 right before they increased the price when it took off in popularity. The only downside is that the actual container it comes in kinda sucks (when you open it powder literally flies everywhere), but that’s an easy fix if you have any old containers lying around!

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      • Wow! I expected the price to be so much higher for such a huge container! Sucky packaging is the worst but repackaging isn’t too bad to fix a great product! Thanks for the help!!

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